Maya: Mini Camera reveals secrets

Archaeologists have studied Mayan tomb with a mini camera.

In a chamber with blood red walls, which bemålats with black characters and filled with pottery, jade and shells, was a local Mayan rulers to their final resting place in a pyramid tomb in the jungle town of Palenque 1500 years ago. It can now be revealed, thanks to images from a miniature camera, which archaeologists have used to investigate the tomb’s interior.
Maya tomb was discovered in 1999, but for fear of undermining the pyramid, archaeologists have not dared to dig out its interior. Instead, they cut down a mini camera in the pyramid in the hope of revealing grave secrets. All that remains is to find the dead man who, according to researchers at Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology, should be on the ground further into the grave.

With a miniature camera, the researchers have managed to take pictures of the pyramidal tomb interior.
According to experts, the tomb from the time around the years 431-550 AD, and assuming that it belongs to the first ruler of Palenque K’uk Bahlam I. The city was swallowed by the jungle after being abandoned in the 700’s.