The movie Metropolis is today counted as one of the classic movies of all times, but when it had premier in Germany in 1928 the movie was not a succes. It had a playtime whit 153 minutes and was belived to be to long and was therefor it was cut very heavily.

When the director Fritz Langs died in 1976 the intresst for the movie started growing, but it was impossible to find a good replica.

Where has it been searched?

Thanks to searches made in all moviearchives around the world, has big parts of Metropolis been recoverd. A digital remasterd version whit 124 minutes was release in 2002, and in 2008 an almost complete version was found in a moviemuseum in Buenos Aires, but the movie was in so bad shape that some parts had to be left out since it was not possible to recreate them.

Could it be found?

There is still a chans that there are copies of Metropolis somewhere in the world, or that someday the original 153 minutes can be put back togheter, it isn´t just a dream acctually.