Movie : Münich

After the massacer of eleven israelian athleets during the Olympics in Münic Germany 1972, the Israeli goverment apoint a group that will get revenge for the killings, One after one they locate and kill those palestinians that secretservice Mossad claims to have been behind the massacare.

Israelian premierminister Golda Meir, thought that the world didnt take to much resistance from the actions of the terrorists, She therefore left it for Mossad.

Has this happened?

Yes! After the massacare in Münich was the palestinian terrorists offered freedom, and Golda Meier told Mossad to hunt down the responsible. During 20 years about 13 people where killed.

The movie dosen´t show, the Lillehammer Affair, where mossad agents misstake a waiter from marocco to be the terrorist Ali Hassan Salame, six members of the group behind the hit on the maroccocan waiter where arrested by police and the story hit the press.