Movie of Week 37 : Wallander 18 : Cellisten

A Russian concertcellist is the victim of a bombthreat after a concert in Ystad. The woman turns out to be a headwittnes in a murdercharge against a member of the Russian Mob, the son of the President of the Russian Mob, the internatioally wanted Leb Munchin. Wallander and his colleagues finds themselfs in a battle against a powerfull internatioall opponet which metods are rutheless. But Wallander thinks that Leb Munchins motives this time is not about Money or winning, but on something else much deeper.
At the end Wallander stands face to face whit a ageging Criminal which is prepared to fight his last battle whit all power he has avaliable.

Wallander 18 : Cellisten