Mummies was damaged in Egyptian riots

A couple of mummies, probably the great grandparents of Tutankhamun would have had their head ripped off during the turmoil that has been taken place in Egypt. It has been sugested that it is the mummies of Yuya and Tjuya who have been matched by DNA testings to be the grandparents of King Tut.

Yuya and Tjuya was two of the best preserved mummies from the ancient Egypt and maybe two of the most important figures in the Egyptian history, so it would be a great tragedy if its true that it is those mummies which has been damaged.

Footage also shows that some wooden statues that was found in Tutankhamuns tomb had been smashed.

A wooden boat that has been identified as from the tomb of Meseti at Asyut has been given much destruction

It’s one of the largest model boats in existence and it dates to approximately 2000 B.C., so over it’s 4,000 years old. Very sad

Says Margaret Maitland, a D.Phil. candidate in Egyptology at the University of Oxford.

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