New Tech : Now you can see dead people

A new techique is beeing developed and whit that its possible that images could detect changes in lights from plants and the ground, for example from a decomposing body.

The cameras collects and process lights from several spectras is used in the effort of finding corpes.
They detect changes very quickly and easier than humans could do.
Whit the new technique reserachers are beliving to discover massgraves and the remains off missing people very quickly.

Whit the new technique (Hyperspectral imaging) reserarchers have found unmarked animal graves.

Hyperspectral imaging collects the lights from the electromagnetic spectrum, visible light, ultraviolet and infrared lights and process this to a picutre.

Acording to Andre Costopoulos, a professor at McGill University it dosen´t matter how old the grave is, its been tested on graves that are belived to be about 40 years old, but its now going to be put to the test and se if it could mark graves that are hundred years or even over thousand years old.

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