Nigeria has been locked out

Fifa has suspend Nigeria from all competions immediately until further notice. Fifa did threaten Nigeria earlier since the president Goodluck Jonathan stepped in and made descisions regarding the national team. At that time Jonathan gave after for FIFA´s demands and they never needed to do anything. Now a new scandal has arised and FIFA decided under monday to suspend Nigeria.

FIFA says that members of Nigerias executive commitie has been stoped from doing their jobs, that the countrys sportsminister have forced the League Secretary-General and even taken descions about the teams in the nigerian leauge. The suspencion will last untill the courtorders is ending and the league secretary could work undisturbed. Nigeria is now stopped from all national games by both FIFA and CAF (The african football federation) Nigeria would have played a qualification game against Guinea on thursday but now they won´t be entering the game. The Nigerian football federation has so far not commented the suspension.

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