Oak Island

Oak Island is located just outside the shores of Canada, and is home for one of the biggest treasure hunts in history. It all started in the late 1790, when three friends found a hole in the ground, they started to dig it out but didn´t come so very deep before giving up. A couple of years later a new expedition started to dig in the hole, they found a mysterious stone whit chiffer, the chiffer where translated to ”Forty feet below lies two million dollar”, if the translation is the right one, nobody knows, since the stone has been lost for many years and when the crew started to dig they uncovered a genious but even deadly trap, after reaching somewhere around 110-115 feet down the pit started to flood, the men tried to pour water of the hoal using buckets, but they where trying to do the imposible, later expeditions have shown that the water did come from the Atlantic so the men where litteraly trying to empty the sea. Later expeditions discovered that there someone had been making tunnels from the pit to the Atlantic, they even tried to pour red paint in one of the tunnels to se where it did come out, it turned out in three places both on the north and on the south side of the island.

Still after over 200 years of researching and digging no one has been able to solve the question whit the moneypit. Six lives have been lost, acording to the ledgend seven people have to die before the treasure could be found, another legend says that all Oak trees must fall before the treasure would be found, today only one Oak tree still stands on the island.

There is many theories about whats been hidden in the money pit, from Captain Kidd hidd his treasure there to the Knights Templar and the Holey Grail, but so far no one has been able to prove there acctually is a treasure. But why would someone go through so much trouble just for a joke?