One of the worlds most dangerous tourist attractions?

Chernobyl pictures

Now its been said that the nuclear reactor in Chernobyl will become a tourist attraction, even though it still leaks radioactivity.

It´s said that it would be opened sometime during 2011, and the attraction is approved by the Ukraine goverment

There are things to see there if you just follow the official channels and not deviate from the group. Even though everything is a very sad story

Says Julia Jershova spokeswoman for the Ukraine MSB unit. It was 25 years ago when reactor number 4 exploded and spread radioactivity around north of Europe. Sweden was one country that was hit hard during rain that pressed the radioactivity into the grounds. In the close range of the catastroph areas are still impossible to live on. The protective canister that where placed over the nuclear powerplant is leacking and is belived to colapse in a few years so a new project to change the canister will begin.

At the moment experts will look on the plans for opening the plant for visitors and try to find the safest way to walk around inside and to protect the visitors that they belive will take the opportunity

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