Pelle Lindbergh

The greatest of all Swedish goalies.
He was born in 24th of May 1959, and died tragically in a car accident 10th of November 1985 (he crashed on the 10th and was keept on lifesaving machine untill the 11th)

1984-1985 he played Stanley Cup final against Edmonton Oilers and was named in the first Allstar Team and as the first european and the only Swede he won the Venzina Trophy as the best goaltender in the NHL

2006 Swedish author Thomas Tynander published a book called “Pelle Lindbergh Behind the white mask” as a biography about Pelle. It will be released in english in the fall off 2009.

1980–81 Les Cunningham Award
1980–81 Dudley “Red” Garrett Memorial Awards:
1980 Olympics Lake Placid Bronze medal
1980–81 Harry “Hap” Holmes Memorial Award
1982–83 NHL All-Rookie Team
1982-83 NHL All-Star Game
1984-85 NHL All-Star Game
1984–85 Vezina Trophy
1984–85 NHL First-Team All-Star
1985–86 NHL All-Star Game (awarded posthumously)

The Philadelphia Flyers named an award, the Pelle Lindbergh Memorial, in his honor. Since 1993–94, it has been annually awarded to the most improved player on the team.

Pelle´s number 31 is not officially retierd but noone is allowed to wear it.

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