Just recently PhantomAlert where on the news once again

Abcactionnews about PhantomAlert

Acordning to the information in the newspapper PhantomAlert is beeing programed to discover red lights, Speed traps and things like that, whit over 600 yards to spare you will be warned whitin mre time that you need.

A lifetime suscription to PhantomAlert cots $99. But still you can´t drive how fast you want whit out any risk of getting caught.

Acordning to the founder of Joe Scott, the services list 110.000 ticket traps in U.S and Canada.

Joe Scott says:
“Are we encouraging people to run red lights or speed? No. They’re not going to get a ticket because they’re not breaking the law.”

One of the most clever features of is that the database of ticket traps is constantly updated by the subscriber base, said by Joe Scott to be in the thousands. Each member subscriber can go online and add speed traps, red light cameras and school zones that they encounter. Then all other members will be warned of those locations.

Do you want to know more about phantomalert? Just click on the banner above

The best of it all, it totaly legal

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