Pizza Margherita

The city of Neaple in Italy is by many the orgin of Pizza. The inhabitans has been eating “plates of bread” whit filling since 1600-century. Neaple also can brag about having the oldest pizzeria in the world, Port´Alba established in 1830. It was also in Neaple that the first Margheritan was made.

The ingridiens are easy, fresh tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and basillika. The combination of colours is the same as the Italian flag, got its name when it was served to the Italian queen Margareta, it was on the 11 of the June 1889, 19 years after Italy was united. The king and queen where visiting Neaple and the queen had become tired of the food she usually was eating, and was asking to get a local speciallty. Pizzamaker Raffaele Esposito where called in and made a “Margeritha”.

Söker du mer Pizza Recept?

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