Plane of death stressed american soldiers.

When ten american soliders in the early 1960:s boarded a plane at the militarbase Fort Hunter Ligget in California no one could belive the nightmare that where waiting.
On 1.500 meters above the ground the plane started falling down.
The pilot sounded the alarm and told the soldiers that he was trying to make an emergency landing.

While the panic started to grow around the soliders they where given lifeinsurance paper to fill in.

Acording the order the soliders, close to a breakdown, started to fill in their pappers. When the last man had signed his papper, there where a message from cockpit.

“we aren´t going down, this was just a test for fun boys”

The soliders had been victims of a experiment to prove that the brain dosen´t work optimal during preassure, and acording to the test, the people on the ground did more misstakes then the soliders that thought their last moment had come.

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