Policechef was Jack The Ripper

A historic discovery is said to solve one of the worlds biggest murder riddles

The identity of Jack The ripper identity could have been revealed. A spanish author claims in his new book that the vicious killer was the poliecheif, Frederick Abberline, who also leed the investigation

Jose Luis Abad claims it in his new book ”Jack The Ripper: The most inteligent muder in history”. As evidence he claims that the handwriting of policechef Frederick Abberline is identical to the one of Jack The Ripper. The comparision has been made from the diary of Jack The Ripper that was found in 1992, but many researchers claims that this diary is fakem Jose Luis Abad claims its real and was written by Frederick Abberline.

Abberline was in charge of the investigation after the murder of Mary Ann Nichols in August 1888. He died in 1929 86 years old in his home in Bournemouth.

The mystic and questions surronding the Ripper case will never die, Last month it emerged that Scotland Yard is trying to hide the secret investigative material from the time the murder was committed. These data, together with Jose Luis Abad theory, now casts new light on the – as yet – unsolved murder mystery.