Real-life Indiana Jones

In 1911 appeared the mysterious ruined city of Machu Picchu up out of oblivion. The man behind the discovery was an American adventurer and archaeologist.

Hiram Bingham rejste in 1911 til Peru for at finde ruinerne of Vilcabamba – inkaernes sidste tilholdssted in årtierne after the Spanish erobring. After a march strabadserende mødte him a mandate, as a mentor to willow, hvor nogle prægtige ruins la. Bingham was skeptical, because the man was obviously drunk. Nevertheless, he let the man lead the way, and to his great surprise he tripped over the Incas best kept Ruins – Machu Picchu.
The discovery did Bingham famous, not least thanks to the over 700 pictures he took of the forgotten city – both before it was cleared free of jungle vegetation, and afterwards, when the exact contours appeared.
Many years later, Bingham also provide inspiration for the film hero Indiana Jones. Like movie hero was Bingham Professor of Archaeology at the University of Connecticut.
Ruined city of Machu Picchu was later shown to have been a vacation haven for the Incas between 1450 and 1470th There could inkakungarna cool off in its own private shower, relax among the thousands of flowers and nurture their relationship to the sky and the mountain gods.