Robespierre´s part in the revultion

The power of France where taken by people that wanted to remake the country.
The foreign troups had to be beaten before that.
The armydraft where introduce to make more soldiers, by making all men guilty of having to serve the army.

The Army´s in France where quickly growing since all men was forced to join the army. And whit them the forigen forces where easy to conquer.

The leader of was Robespierre who become a dictator.
He was sure he thought he was fighting for what was right, he even killed people that didn´t think like him since he thought he had the right to do that.

King Ludvig XVI was one of the first that Robespierre executed since he had been pointed out to have trying to crush the uprising. On a rainy winterday 1793 the king Ludvig XVI was executed.
After his death more than 40 000 people was killed. When two years had passed the people had become tired of blood and killings, it all ended whit Robespierre beeing killed by one of his former helpers.

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