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Ryan air is a airline and have their head office at Dublin airport. The airline is famous for their low prices. The most common airplane that ryanair operates is 264 planes of the mark Boeing 737 800. Those aircrafts travels to over 1,100 routes around the Europe from 44 bases.

In recent years, Ryanair has perhaps become the most talked-about airline, they are not averse to new ideas and thoughts which will also ensure that there will be turmoil surrounding the company.

It started when they decided to remove all check-in counters around the world

Ryanair has also been in conflict whit Unions, and Swedish Konsumentverket

But there is also other controversies surronding the airline. Recently 100 passengers did muteni according to Ryanair


Ryanair cast nine blind persons from the flight
Ryanair passengers did mutiny
Ryanair in fight whit a 12 year old over a violin
Ryanair in trouble not allowed to land on Skavsta
Ryanair dosen´t like complaints on their food
Ryanair did land in the wrong place
Ryanairs rules are a violation
Ryanair could be hit if Swedish airports must close
Turmoil on Ryanair pressconference