Ryanair cast nine blind persons from the flight

Nine blind passengers was going on a pleasant trip to Italy, but just a few minutes before they where to takeoff, they where evacuated from the plane. Ryanair had already filled their quota of four disabled persons onboard.

As a safteyrule the company only allowes four disabled people on each flight, you have do declare that you are disabled and hope that there is a flight that haven´t filled their quota.

Beryl Barton, 65 and blind togheter whit her husband Harry, 58 who has very bad eyesight was traveling whit seven other blind people from London to Italy.
They hadn´t notified in advance that they were blind, and sitting in their seats only minutes before the plane would take off they where escorted from the plane in to the main building.

They asked if we were registered as blind and when we replied that we were there, he said that there were already four disabled people on the plane, some in wheelchairs,

said Beryl Barton to The Times.

– We were devastated. We were escorted off the plane and into the airport as if we were criminals. It was humiliating,

she continues.

When the party was back in the airport terminal they were told that they had to fix accommodations and got not compensation for meals. Some of them had to sleep onthe floor in the terminal waiting for the next flight to Italy.

In a pressrelease Ryanair claimed it to be a safteyquestion , but according to the Irish Aviation Authority, which is the controlling body of Ryanair, there had not been a problem whit all 12 disables passengers on the plane.

Of course other airlines suchs as British Airways and easyJet took the chance to tell people that they don´t have any limits on how many disabled persons that can be on a plane.