Ryanair Dosen´t like complaints on their food

Henrik Ulven was going to fly home to Norway from Berlin. Since he haven´t eaten any lunch he orderd a sandwich on the plane for 4,50 euros. The sandwich was noted in the menu as ”Freshly Made Premium Sandwich”, but when Henrik got his sandwich it wasn´t like the description in the menu. When Henrik tasted the sandwhich it tasted like rubber, and he couldn´t eat it. He then summoed the stewardes and wanted to replace the sandwhich whit a muffin. But the critisism was not appreciated by the flight attendant, who informed Henrik that the crew had called the police who would meet up whit him as soon they landed.

– I thought it was a joke and leaned back to sleep. But when we landed was the other passengers asked to remain seated while I was escorted out by police

says Henrik Ulven, who brought the sandwich as evidence, he contiunes

When police heard why they had been summoned by Ryanair laughed the good

The norweigan police at Rygge Airport in Oslo confirms the incident in Vg.no and says that it was their first time to have to pick up a passenger because of a sandwhich.
Stephen McNamara Head of Communications with Ryanair has been quoted

That it was absolutely necessary with police assistance where the passenger is behaving disruptively during the trip

Which is something that Henrik Ulven denies, now he has frozen the sandwich in the freeze in his home, if there should be anymore problem.