Ryanair in trouble not allowed to land at Skavsta

The special service that Ryanair has been using at Skavsta airport has been suspended, which has given flight delays.

Aiport manager Dot Gade Kulovuori says

It is true that we have not permitted the plan will come later than 23:30 to land

She wouldn´t say what had caused the descision but said there where serval thing they didn´t agree on.
She also sais that it has returned to normal status and even late planes from Ryanair would be allowed to land

At least for two weeks, its the time we have set for further negotiations

She wouldn´t say anything about how serious or long the quarrel whit Ryanair had been but she said

But such a measure is not the first thing to do

Ryanair spokesman Stephen McNamara said they are discussing matters of managment on Skavsta airport, but wouldn´t go into details about what they talked about until the discussions where finished and both sides had come to an agrement.

He also insured

But I can assure that there are no unpaid bills that can be connected to the service that Ryanair uses at the airport

And continues

We will not tolerate to Skavsta Airport, forcing Ryanair’s aircraft and passengers to land at another airport