Ryanair passengers did mutiny

When the passengers of the airplane belonging to Ryanair had enough of the extra costs, When the airline personel tried to charge a passenger for his hand luggage, he and his friends conducted a mutiny. All passengers on the plane, over 100 persons where forces off the plane and police where called to the scene according to Spanish officials. When the mutiny had settled down, 64 of the 168 persons that where onboard, got granted to climb aboard to get to their destination. As for the other passengers, they had to stay one more night in Lanzarote and then find another way home to Charloi in Belgium. Accordig to Ryanair it was a group of students from Belgium that conducted the mutiny and had been causing trouble all week and destroyed the vacation for the other tourists on the island.

Ryanair issued a statement due to the mutiny

Ryan Air apologize for the remaining 66 passengers who suffered a three-hour delay when Ryan Air and the police took care of the disruptive group

Said the airline’s communications manager Stephen McNamara