Ryanairs rules a violation


Passengers are forced to write their own boardingcards.

It´s the check-in rules that have been checked by a Spanish court. And they have come to the conclusion that the rules are a violation.

The court in Barcelona have decided that the airline can´t force the passengers to print out boarding passes, which Ryanair claims to have be done before the travlers arive at the airport. If you want Ryanair to print the boardingpasses they will charge you 40 Euro, thats about 360 dollars, to print the boardingpass.

If you don´t have any boardingpass you won´t get past security and the boarding gate.

The court did come to the conclusion that it is the airline´s obligation to provide travelers whit travel documents, and not the liabillity of the passengers.

The court also say that Ryanair policy is an abuse of Passengers, acording to www.spaniaavisen.no

The verdict will probably be appealed by Ryanair and then the case will go all the way to the EU Court before it will be settled.