Scotland Castles

Aberdeenshire is one of the Royal Family´s favourite counties in Scotland, the surrondings in Aberdeenshire is uniqe for visitors that are intrested in old Castles.

The history of Aberdeenshire tracks back to 6000BC, and have seen thousands of years of battles, drama and settlements.

Balmoral Castle is the most famous of the castles in the region, its privately owned by The Queen of England, but is open for the public.

Craigievar Castle
There is a mythical feeling surronding the castle which mostley has been used as a home. During World War I it was used as a hospital for wounded Belgian soldiers.

Crathes Castle

The castle is a fine, well-preserved six-storey, ”L-shaped” Castle well-known for its wonderfully decorated turrets and for being the most fairy-tale like of all the Scottish castles.

Dunnottar Castle
The Castle dates back to the 13th century, the buildings that once where for Dunnottar Castle in medieval time are ruins. But there is proof of a building on the site as long a go as 400 AD.

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