Should Billy The kid be reciving a pardon?

Acording to several sources New Mexico Govenor Bill Richardsson is thinking of giving a pardon to Billy The Kid, over 100 years after Billy was shot and killed.

Billy The kid is a famous outlaw which acording to the legend killed 21 men, one man for each year he lived, he esacped from jail, stole horses and cattles, but that is history today.

So far the only people that are against the pardon is those who are descendants to Pat Garrett the Sheriff that shot and killed Billy The Kid, they say that the a pardon would be an “inexcusable defamation” of the legacy of Pat Garrett

What do you think? Is it right or wrong to give a pardon to a long dead outlaw?

I myself don´t think this would hurt the myth or stories surronding the Kid, but is it really nessecary?

Update 2010-12-31
Billy The Kid will not recive a pardon
Billy the Kid fails to win pardon from Bill Richardson

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