Solved : Who killed the black baron

Ever since Michael Wittman was killed during world war II the question has been rasied on who actually did kill Wittman also known as The Black baron.

Michael Wittman was one of the biggest warheros that Germany had
, he managed to destroy 138 allied tanks, before he himself where destroyed. Wittman even had a very good reputation when he destoryed 14 allied tanks, 15 armored divisions and two anti tank guns in just 15 minutes.

There are several troups that could have been the ones that killed Wittman and blew his tank in pieces.
But history shows to reserarchers that only Joe Ekins could have been the one that could have inflicted the kind of injuries that where found on the German Tiger tanks.

Joe Enkins is still alive and is today 86 years.

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