Steve Jobs dead

The apple founder Steve Jobs has long been ill in cancer, even though he bravely have fought whit it, the cancer took the uperhand and during the night Steve Jobs passed away at the age of 56.

Jobs leaves behind a wife and four children, and a huge legacy on technology.


In 1976 Jobs noticed a computer designed by Steve Wozniak, Jobs then convinced Wozniak to manufacture and sell the computer. On the 1st of April 1976 the company Apple was born whit Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak as owners. Jobs had to leave Apple during the 1980s but come back in the 1990s and has since that worked for the company.


Steve Jobs was married to Laurene Powell in 1991, the couple had three children together, Jobs also had a daughter Lisa Brennan-Jobs from a previous relations.

A couple of days after his death rumors started that Steve Jobs might be running apple from the grave

Quotes about Steve Jobs death

Steve Jobs family

Steve died quietly today, surrounded by his family.
In his public life Steve was known as a visionary, privately, he lived for his family. We want to thank all the people who have shown concern and asked for Steve as he has been ill the past year, a website will be established for those wishing to share their tributes and memories.
We are grateful for the support and kindness we have met with those who share our feelings for Steve. We know that many will share our grief, and we ask you to respect our desire to ensure the peace.

Tim Coock (CEO Apple)

I have a very sad news to announce. Steve passed away earlier today.

– Apple has lost a visionary and a creative genius, and the world has lost a fantastic person. Those of us who had the good fortune to know and work with Steve has lost a dear friend and an inspiring mentor. Steve leaves behind a company that only he could have built, and his spirit will forever be present at Apple.

– We plan to celebrate Steve’s extraordinary life among all employees in the near future. If you want to share your thoughts, memories and grief over, you can send an e-mail

– There are no words to describe the sorrow we feel over Steve’s death, and our gratitude for having had the opportunity to work with him. We will honor his memory by continuing to run the company he loved so much.

Barack Obama

Michelle and I are saddened by the news of Steve Jobs’ death. Steve was one of America’s greatest innovators, the courage to go his own way, bold enough to believe that he could change the world, and talented enough to succeed.

– By building one of the world’s largest company from a garage, he is a prime example of the American spirit of ingenuity. By making personal computers and place the Internet in our pockets, he made the IT revolution is not only accessible, but also intuitive and fun.

– Steve used to say that he lived every day like it was his last. Because he did that he changed our lives, foiled all industries and achieved one of the greatest feats in human history, he has changed the way we see the world

Bill Gates

I’m really sorry to hear about Steve Jobs’ death. Melinda and I directed our condolences to his family and friends, and all that Steve has touched through her work.

– Steve and I met for nearly 30 years ago and we’ve been everything from colleagues, competitors to friends for more than half of our lives.

It is often the world sees a person who has such an incredible impact that Steve had, his impression will leave its mark for generations to come. There has been an incredible honor for us that have had the good fortune to work with him, I will miss him incredibly.

Eric Smith (Google)

Today is a very sad day for us all. Steve created a generation of style and technique that is unlikely to be repeated by someone else. Steve was so charismatic brilliant that he inspired people to do the impossible, and he will be remembered as the first computer inventor in history.

Larry Page (google)

I am very very sorry to hear the news of Steve Jobs. He was a great man with incredible results and great brilliance. He always succeeded with few words, describe what you should have thought before you thought about it. His focus on user experience has always been an inspiration to me. He contacted me when I became CEO of Google, and shared their experiences, even though he was sick. My Google and thoughts are with his family
and the entire Apple family

Sergey Brin (google)

– When Larry and I needed inspiration about vision and leadership needed we never look beyond Cupertino. Steve, your passion for excellence is experienced by everyone who ever touched an Apple product (I’m writing this on a Macbook). I have experienced it myself the few times we met.

Mark Zuckerberg (facebook)

Steve, thank you for being a teacher and friend. Thank you proved that you can change the world. I will miss you.

Steve Ballmer (Microsoft)

– I want to express my deepest regret over the death of Steve Jobs, co-founder of the IT industry and a true visionary. My thoughts are with his family, everyone at Apple and all who are touched by his work.

Bob iger (Disney)

Steve Jobs was a close friend as well as a trusted advisor. His legacy extends far beyond the products he has created, or the company he built. He has inspired millions of people, changed lives and defined a culture. Steve was an original with an incredibly creative and imaginative mind, something that has become an era. Despite everything he has created, so it feels as if he only just begun. With his death the world has lost a unique man, Disney has lost a member of our family and I have lost a good friend

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