Steve Jobs might run apple from the grave

It hasn´t been long since the news about Steve Jobs died that the rumors on what will happen around apple starts to run.

Acording to several news sites, so have Jobs left many invetions and plans to the company, which will give them work for at least four years

The biggest rumor of them all is that apple would enter the Tv branch, but so far nothing has been confirmed.

Some sources says that some of the things he left for apple contains:

* Next generations of ipod,ipad and Macbook
* A new iphone, that acording to the press would be relased next year or in the begining of 2013

But it has also been speculations about

* Iteve Jobs might have had plans to get apple into the tv market which might bee a revulotion just as the ipod


* A secret educationprogram to ensure that the bosses of apple would think like he did

Whas true of the rumors is still left for us ordinary people to find out, but even after Steve Jobs died we might be in for suprises.

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