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Whitney Houston cause of death

Yesterday Whitney Houston died, now the stories becomes to go around. Acording to several news sources did Whitney party for over 48 hours, its also said that she used to mix tranqalisers whit alcohol, a very bad combination that can lead to death.

Whitney Houstons 18 year old daughter Bobbi Kristina where transferd from the hotel on a stretcher, Mother and daughter have before been on a rehab center for their addiction. Now the family fears that Bobbi Kristina will go the same way as her mother Whitney Houston. Bobby Brown is said to have cancelled his tour and gone to Los Angeles to be whit Bobbi Kristina.

It said that as soon Whitney Houston arrived at the hotel, the party started

The official answer to the death of Whitney Houston could take weeks before the autopsy is made, but there is no sign of crime says Ed Winter spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police.

Whitney Houstons family made a statement yesterday

We are heartbroken over the loss of our beloved Whitney. This is a tremendous tragedy and we will miss her something terrible.

We appreciate the love and support from her fans and friends.

Touristbusses has during the day been stoping at the hotel to let tourist take pictures



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Steve jobs fbi files released

The FBI has released 191 pages of files that they had on the former Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Acording to the FBI, the files where compiled back in 1991. Steve Jobs where then considered for an appointed position on the Us President export Council.

The FBI says

This release consists of the FBI’s 1991 background investigation of Jobs for that position and a 1985 investigation of a bomb threat against Apple

See parts of the files at Huffingpost

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Don Cornelius

Tv star Don Cornelius died at his home in Los Angeles during Wednesday, the body was found after the police recived an alarm about gunfire.

Acording to media in the U.S, its a suicide and the cause of death is a gunshot to the head.

Don Cornelius is best known as the host of the tv program Soul Train which he hosted from 1971 to 1993

Don Cornelius was 75 years old.

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Leslie Carter

Leslie Carter 25, probably best known as the sister of Aaron and Nick Carter, died on Tuesday at her home in what is belived to be an overdose.

Acording to Tmz she was addicted to prescripted drugs, which she was said to trying to get out of. Her family left her alone for one hour when they had to run some earandes, when they returned Leslie Carter was uncasious. The family called a ambulans but her life couldn´t be saved.

We are deeply saddened by the death of our dear sister, daughter and granddaughter

Said the family in a statement

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Kim Jong il dead

It has been reported that North Koreas leader Kim Jong Il passed away
Acordning to the otopsy he died after a sever heartattack on a train during one of his travels acording to the newsagency KCNA.

Rumors have been circulated for a long time, in 2008 Kim Jong Il had a stroke that left him whit lower capacity in his left arm and leg.
Acording to the news will Kim Jong Il be replaced whit his son Kim Jong-Un and now the people are told to reunite under the new leader as ”the great successor”

North Korea is a country in sorrow untill the 29th of December and the funeral will take place on the 28th of December.



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Steve Jobs might run apple from the grave

It hasn´t been long since the news about Steve Jobs died that the rumors on what will happen around apple starts to run.

Acording to several news sites, so have Jobs left many invetions and plans to the company, which will give them work for at least four years

The biggest rumor of them all is that apple would enter the Tv branch, but so far nothing has been confirmed.

Some sources says that some of the things he left for apple contains:

* Next generations of ipod,ipad and Macbook
* A new iphone, that acording to the press would be relased next year or in the begining of 2013

But it has also been speculations about

* Iteve Jobs might have had plans to get apple into the tv market which might bee a revulotion just as the ipod


* A secret educationprogram to ensure that the bosses of apple would think like he did

Whas true of the rumors is still left for us ordinary people to find out, but even after Steve Jobs died we might be in for suprises.

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City of Vikings found

In the year 841 the vikings sat sail for Irland, now several houndres of years after have their settlement been found.

Archaeologist has so far found more than 200 items in the settelment, and they are expekting to find even more. The settlement is protected by a moat and lies close to the river Glyde, that later enters the Irish sea. Researchers have found tools and furnace which made researchers certain that the vikings used the site as repair site for their navy during the vinter.
Acording to exevationsleader Marc Clinton the settlement is most likley the place known in the mythical Linn Duchaill.

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Found : Mideval coins

On a field in Germany have researchers found about 100 coins or coinfragments and three silver bullion from early mideval time.

Findings like this is very rare and whit this ammount in the finding makes it a very good finding

says researcher Michael Schirren.
The coins are dated to a period around 610-820 B.C. They are written in Arabic and acording to experts the coins would have come from, North Africa, Iran, Iraq or Afghanistan. Treasures that once could have belonged to arabic merchants or slaves.

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New Tech : Now you can see dead people

A new techique is beeing developed and whit that its possible that images could detect changes in lights from plants and the ground, for example from a decomposing body.

The cameras collects and process lights from several spectras is used in the effort of finding corpes.
They detect changes very quickly and easier than humans could do.
Whit the new technique reserachers are beliving to discover massgraves and the remains off missing people very quickly.

Whit the new technique (Hyperspectral imaging) reserarchers have found unmarked animal graves.

Hyperspectral imaging collects the lights from the electromagnetic spectrum, visible light, ultraviolet and infrared lights and process this to a picutre.

Acording to Andre Costopoulos, a professor at McGill University it dosen´t matter how old the grave is, its been tested on graves that are belived to be about 40 years old, but its now going to be put to the test and se if it could mark graves that are hundred years or even over thousand years old.

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The oldest picutre of apostles have been found

A picture that is the oldest one that has been found many feets below the streets of ROme, The painting shows Johannes, Paulus, Andreas and Petrus. And the picutre was located at the grave of a wealthy noblewoman. Acording to the items find the grave is from the 300th century when the Emperor of the roman empire where the great Konstantin.

Acording to researcher this could be the picture that was setting the standars for the images that would come in our days of the apostels.

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