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RIP Lokomotiv Yaroslavl

Todays topstory has been that the Russian hockeyteam Lokomotiv Yaroslavl has crashed whit their airplane just after takeoff.

The team was on their way to the opening game off the season in Minsk when the accident occured.

A couple of famous players played for the team and is now belive to be dead, Sweidsh goaltender Stefan Liv, Slovakian center Pavol Demitra, Checzh defender Karel Rachunek

This is indeed a very sad day for Hockey all over the world

Rest in peace Lokomotiv Yaroslavl

Official site of locomotive Yaroslavl
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Expressen 3
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Chamberlains ticket has been sold

There is a huge intresst in historic souvenirs, on a auction in London last vinter a airplane ticket where sold, it was used by Neville Chamberlaine when he in 1938 flew from Munich in a effort to negoiate peace whit Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini. During the meating Chamberlaine made several diplomatic gestures, hoping to create ”Peace for our time”. Chamberlains ticket was found in a envelop at one of the founders of the airline British Airways and was sold for about 100 000 Swedish Kronor.

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Mathias Rust

On the evning of the 28 of may 1987 a small airplane is flying in over the red square in Moscow. Three times the plane flyes above the square trying to land, but it can´t so the pilot takes it down on a bridgre closeby and then drives the plane to the redsquare.
The pilot is 19 year old Mathias Rust from east germany, after about a hour Rust is arrested by the KGB. The news is already then spreading around the world, aa amature pilot managed to fly from Germany to Russia and land on the red Square, thats how bad the russian air defence is. It is a huge scandal in Sovjet. Rust later said that he did it to make his contrubution to world peace.
Rust where senteced to four years i prison but had only to serve one and returned to East Germany.
After that his life has been upside down many times, he had psycical problems, and for a while he claimed to be a milionear and pro pokerplayer. He has also been senteced to prison for stabbing a woman during this time.

But his actions on the redsquare did infact make the downfall of Sovjet advance.

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9/11 No windows on Plane

”There where no windows” on the airplanes

This video is alot of bullshit. Why?
Whell try to stand on the ground and se if a airplane has windows, i don´t think you could see any windows, i haven´t managed that.

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Gleen Miller never reached his destination

The american jazzmucisian Glenn Miller where a huge star in the late 1930´s and the begining of the 1940´s whit hits suchs as ”In the mood” and the ”Moonlight Seranade”.
But on the 15th of December Miller airplane was on its way from England to Paris, where he was going to having a christmas consert for the allied soldiers that where fighting in the world war.
Acording to the american military the plane did probably encounter engine trouble, or ice had been on the vings, or it was shot down by german pilots.
In 1983 Glenn Millers brother Herb published a new theory that his brother hadn´t die in a flightplane crash, but that he died of lungcancer on a militaryhospital. Another theori is that Miller died on a brothel in Paris, which has been silenced since it could damage the morale of the troups and Millers reputation.

During the last ten years, a new theory has been published, Glenn Millers plane where flying low over the English Channel, above where a military airplane, which dropped its bomb, the bombs then hit Millers plane.

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The polarscientist dissaperd during the rescue operation

The norwegian polarsicencer Roald Amundsen made many famous expeditions. In December of 1911 he become the first to reach the south pole, one month before the brittish Robert Scott. During the spring of 1928 an expedition by air failed in Artica it was ledd by Italin Umberto Nobile. Amundsen then left in a airplane in a efftort to rescue the crew. Nobile and parts of his crew where found on the ice and was picked up by a russian ship. Amundsen, on the other hand, vanished whitout a trace.

Over eighty years later a norweigan expedition is beeing prepared to trying to locate the wreck of Admundsens airplane and solve the question of his dissaperance, it its thought to go out from Tromsö in the end of August 2009

More info : Search for Admunsen

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They had to eat their teammastes

On the 21 of December 1972 two tired and hungry men turned up on a farm in chile.
It turned out that the men was part of a rugbyteam from Uruguay which airplane had dissapered in mountains, around 70 days earlier.

Rescuechoppers was sent to the disasterarea in the snowy mountains where another 14 more survivors could be found.
Of the 45 passageners 13 had been killed in the crash and another 16 had died due to injuries and starvation.

At the start it looked like a mystery that these persons could have survived in the mountains whitout food.
Soon there where alot of rumors going around, and they wasn´t going to stop.

So at a pressconference in Montevideo it was revelead that the surviving had made it by eating of their dead friends.

The dramatic event has been told in books and films, like ”We are Alive!” (a book from 1985) by Piers Paul Read, and the movie ”Alive” (1993) and in the book ”Miracle in the mountains” (2007) written by one of the survivors Nando Parrado.

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Welcome to my world

Wonderfull song by Jim Reeves, to bad that he left life to early in an airplane crash

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