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Help to cure cancer

After the death of Steve Jobs. The Swedish site MacWorld started a collection in a effort to make a change in the way to find a cure to cancer.

The site says that they have given the first 10.000 and now encourage their users and visitors to contribute to the cause, every small ammount is welcome.

For me this is a great cause when people get together and tries to make a diffrence and get a stop for cancer. Let us just hope that we can make a change and that we will find a cure in the not so distant future.

You can contribute to the cause

Rest in Peace Steve Jobs, you may be gone but never forgotten.

Steve Jobs friend Steve Wozniak remebers his friend

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Are you in need of some extra money?

Are you having a hard time getting the money to pay your bills, or have you gotten unexpeted expenses? And you have not have the time or energy to get a second job? Have you ever considerd using cash advance? It´s quick simple and easy to use and you will also get the ammount you need as quick as possible.

It works very simple, in order to recive the cash to cover your expenses you have to complete a small form then submit your application and it will be reviewed instantly and when that is done, you could check your bank account to see that the money has arrived.
You can get cash advance from $500 and all the way up to $1.000. You don´t even have to leave the house to get the money in your bank account. It couldn´t be easier then that.

As always you have to be 18 years or older to be able to use this service, But it sure is a very good possibility to get more money quick for unexpected expenses which we all know could happen at any time. If you are in need of extra money today, don´t hesitate to use this service

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Found : Mideval coins

On a field in Germany have researchers found about 100 coins or coinfragments and three silver bullion from early mideval time.

Findings like this is very rare and whit this ammount in the finding makes it a very good finding

says researcher Michael Schirren.
The coins are dated to a period around 610-820 B.C. They are written in Arabic and acording to experts the coins would have come from, North Africa, Iran, Iraq or Afghanistan. Treasures that once could have belonged to arabic merchants or slaves.

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