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The massacer in Malmédy

On the 16th of December German forces where trying an desperat but chanceless offensive against the allied forces in the Ardenner area.
The leader of those forces whre Joachim Peiper. On the 17 of december they surronded a allied division whit soliders from Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. around the belgian city of Malmédy. Peipers pluton made sure they took the soldiers weapons before they where forced out to a field and in coold blood shot down.
Between fifty to sixty prisoners where killed and around thirty managed to escape.
Malmédy become the symbol for even more similar events from SS-Sqauds and many high voices where heard from the US for revenge. Even if Peiper wasn´t on place when the masacre occured he took full responsibility for them after the war. In the trial that followed the war Pieper and 42 of his men where senteced to death for the murders of the allied soldiers. But during the trial several errors had occured and no death penalty where used but instead converted to life in prison.

Peiper where the last one to be released in 1956, he then moved to France where lived untill he in 1976 where killed by unkown assasins.

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