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Do you need a new rug?

And have looked everywhere but have not found anything? Why not try searching the internet after Rugs, they have rugs for any purpose or price you can imagine, as cheap Rugs or Area Rugs.

I have used their services a few times and I am more than satisfied with my findings, they also have a nice and helpful customer support.

You logon to the page and add them rugs you want in your basket, then when you chose to go to the checkout, and you will be relinked to PayPal to make payment, if you don´t have a account at paypal you can quickly and easily get one.
Then you will be returned to the page to complete your purchase.

There is absolutely no problem finding a good rug for a good price, it does not matter if you need the rug to your front door or that it will match the floor in the living room floor, and you’ll find nothing as you see fit? Do not hesitate to ask staff will be happy to help you find the rug you are looking for. Their concept is simple, It shouldn´t be difficult or expensive to find the perfect rug, and thats a concept that they lives up to whit 100%. They also produce and sell the rugs themselfs, without using middlemens, so you as a buyer get a better price than that you get from many other vendors. Have you no plans for a new rug right now but still want to stay updated, then you can join the mailing list so you will easily and smoothly recive an email with the latest updates and sale items.

Would you not feel comfortable with the new rug then you can return it and get your money back but is also a 25% deduction on the purchase price, If so please contact customer service for more information.

So are you looking for a new rug, take the opportunity today and visit the page, it can pay very much.

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The Mayacult used toilets

New findings points that Mayaindians had so much knowledge and could controll the water preassure and could therefore build toilets and fountains that they could flush. Its been noted by researchers studing the ruincity of Palenque that where used for people some years after B.C. Researchers have found channels below the surface that spread the water from several mountainlakes in the area. Untill now it has been asumed that the knowledge of controlling the water preassure what brought to America by Spain.

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House from the vikingera has been discoverd in Irland

A dig in Dublin has given a unusuall finding, the remains of a house from the vikingera. It dates back to 1000 B.C. The house that was found in the area Oxmantown is the first to be found in a area where a settlment of Vikings should have been.

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3000 year old butter has been found

In Kildare in the east of Irland a wooden barrel has been found, the barrel contains aobut 35 kilo butter. It is belived that the butter was made for over 3000 years ago. The butter has since that been transformed to animal fat. Researchers belives that the area was used as storage.

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Demolished statues is beeing renovated

About 30 sculptures blown into 25.000 pieces, sounds like a huge puzzel to renovating, the sculptures where from the area in Tell Halaf in Syria and is from the year 1000 B.C, there is three goldstatues that is five meters high. During the WWII was the museum that was keeping the scupltures in Berlin where bomed and the sculptures where destoryed. In 2002 researchers started to collect the pieces and can now after seven years present the complete statues.

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14000 year old village found

On the greek island Limmos researchers have found the so far oldest settlement along the area between Greece and Turkey, Tools and hunting equipment found tells the researchers that people lived in the area for about 14000 years ago.

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Warrior from the past has been found in Rome

Researchers have found the remains of a warrior that died about 5.000 years ago. The skelleton where found in a grave filled whit water on a beach a couple of miles outside Rome.
Part of a arrow was found between the mans ribs, whichs reveals the most likely cause of death. Now the researchers are hoping for more findings in the area.

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Shipwreck found in central Barcelona

Constructionworkers have found remains after a ship from the midevaltimes in the city of Barcelona. The ship where found when a apartment building where to be build in the Barceloneta district.
The area was before under water and its assumed that the 700 years old ship where used for shopping outside Spain.

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