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Blacklisted Bloggerwave SCAM

UPDATED 2010-07-23
No Answer

UPDATED 2011-01-28
No Answer on the previous mail, but today i recived message that my blogposts where rejected. Whell that might not bee so odd since they haden´t been approved or denied for over 2 years, and i deleted them all when i wrote this post (2010-01-21) so if you care about serious companies and support, STAY AWAY FROM BLOGGERWAVE, IT´S SCAM

When you are using comercials in a effort to earn some money you also will find some sites that is not holding what it promises. One of them is so far i have gotten 2 posts accepted and earnt $1.45 and 8 pending posts, worth $1.66, last post accepted where April 28 2009, more than one year ago. Last time i used the site was Nov 12 2009. I have now contacted and is awaiting answer (mail found by google) since they are not answering on their page.

I will update this post on how it goes…

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