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Sigismund had twelve children

The marriage between Sigismund and his wife Anna of Habsburg-Steiermark was arranged it seems to have worked very well, they got five children but only one survived seven years (Vladislav) during the birth of the fifth child (Kristoffer) Anna died at the age of 25.
Sigismund then remarried her sister Konstantia, Vladislav (1595-1648) did succed his father as polish king when the father died in 1632, Vladislav was married many times, but didn´t get any children. When Vladimir died his halfbrother Johan Kasimir (1609-72) become the king.
Johan Kasimir where the second child to Sigismund (the first child died young), they did get seven children.
As a king Johan II Kasimir where fighting against Karl X Gustav and whe peace where arragend in Oliva 1660 he was forced to resign from the throne. He hadn´t any children and become the last of king of the Vasa dynasty on the polish throne.

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King Alfons where four hats

Alfons Vi of Portugal (1643-83) wasn´t that smart, his low intelligence may have been there since birth, it may could also come from a braininfection which he got when he was three and made him paralysed on the right side. Alfons wasn´t intressted of ruling and instead in put his mother in charge, he spent his time watching dogfights and rosterfights. He also had big partys in bed, dressed whit six or seven coats and four hats. When the king for once went to church he had made his own demands on the service.
The priest that made a longer service then he should, only if it where just a second, where deported from Portugal. Alfons liked nuns wery much and have several of them as misstress.

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The fight about the tree stil goes on

When a new roundabout where about to be build in the Polish city of Jaslo policital discussions has been rising about a oak tree, which was planted by the german ocupants to celebrate the german dictators birtyday in 1942, it was brought from the german dictators austrian city of birth Braunau am Inn.

”-Almost the entire of Jaslo was destroyed by the germans in 1944, We don´t need a nazisymbol in the center of town says Maria Kurovska the mayor of the city.
Other Jaslo inhabitans is on the other hand claming that the tree is innocent and should be allowed to live freely.

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