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Spela Blackjack

Har du någon gång spelat blackjack? Hur har det gått för dig, många vinster?
Att spela blackjack är inte det alla enklaste alla gånger, som tur är så finns det nu en sida som hjälper dig att förstå blackjack och där med enklare kunna vinna när du spelar.

Sidan tar upp olika typer av blackjack spel, så som spela mot dealern, hur man slår dealern, kortens värde men även olika typer av strategier man kan använda sig av då man spelar. Det finns även en väldigt bra ordlista som gör att förstår spelet ännu bättre.

Det finns nu inte längre någon ursäkt för dig att inte vinna när du spelar blackjack, vare sig det är på ett vanligt casino, på intenet eller med vänner. Men kom ihåg att inte satsa allt på en gång

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Blackjack är en av de mer populära spelen som du kan satsa pengar på, det har funnits ett bra tag och du kan spela det på de flesta krogar och troligen alla casinon.
Spelet går ut på att du ska vinna mot dealern med att få så nära 21 som möjligt eller då få 21 som är blackjack, men om du får över 21 så vinner dealern så spelet är inte så komplicerat men det är väldigt strategiskt och roligt spel.
Men du behöver inte gå ut för att spela detta spel, blackjack finns på de flesta internet casinos och har flera olika inställningar och highroller bord.
Om du aldrig spelat internet casino så kan du pröva Betfair, ett tryggare casino där du kan få bonus och bra support, men om du vill ha ett casino med väldigt snygg layout och många olika spel så kan du testa att spela blackjack hos Mrgreen.
Du kanske vill spela för stora pengar om du har spelat det förut och vill ha chansen att vinna stora pengar, då kan du spela på casino men många inställningar och olika budnivåer som föredrar storspelare Betsson?
Men om du vill bara snabb spela så kan du alltid spela blackjack på Betsafe.

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Gambling online

If you haven´t noticed it before, you could play blackjack online at online casinos, you could even play online slots. When you play online you will find that the casinos mentioned on this site has been tested many times in many diffrent ways to enusre you saftey and reliability. Thats the keystones to online gambling, here you can find casinos from all over the world, in many diffrent categories. Such as video poker, ordinary poker and much more. Playing online haven´t been easier then it is today. You can pay directly whit your visa or mastercard or if you prefer to use other possibilitys such as paypal thats no problem. When gambling online you don´t need to suit opening hours, don´t have to bee in the cigarette smoke or crowded areas, you can play when ever the time suits you. Whenever you want to play there is always people working so that you could have a great experience by playing online.

The games are tested in ways such as how they work, are they easy to play on, if there is any chance at wining, how the helpdesk reacts and of course what bonuses they are givning.
They monitor every casino every month and ranks them, all for your safety and to help you find the ultimate gambling sites online.

It´s this kind of information that will make you secure in that you have found a great site that will help you in your ways to play online, i have used this site for a couple of times and i am more than happy about it. This is a great service that few people give to others, just out of kindness they don´t earn anything on their work.

This is your chance to win some extra money before christmas, it´s easy to atleast try it, will you give it a chance?

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When did you play blackjack last?

Did you go outside to a casino or nightclub to play blackjack ? Whit a computer and internet connection there is no need to pay entrance fee and beeing in a crowed enviroment whit all of what that could bring. Finding online blackjack sites isn´t that hard, it all comes down to what kind of blackjack you want to play. There are
Diffrent Types of Blackjack such as Spanish 21, which has very liberal rules another version is the ”Vegas Style” blackjack, might even be refered to as 21st-Century Blackjack and are very common in California, in some ways it depens on where you are when playing, diffrent areas have diffrent games and/or rules. But where ever you are and what ever version you are playing, you will have fun and maybe win som money.

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Have you tried online blackjack?

When did you last play blackjack? have you tried blackjack casinos online? Playing online is almost the same as playing at a black jack casinos whit other live people, now you could play when ever you have time despite what time in the day it is.

There are alot of blackjack casinos out there, be sure to watch out for the good pages, many of them are made by pro players that wants to give you the chance to win some extra money, maybe even the big jackpot.

Playing online have never been easier then it is today.

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Do you like playing blackjack?

If you do like playing blackjack. Then i have the ultimate site for you. It is the blackjack guide, whit guides and reviews off many sites that offers online blackjack playing, The ratings are done by many diffrent factors, such as bonuses, reliability, how good and nice the support are. This page helps you find the good sites where you are able to win big money if you are lucky.

Haven´t played blackjack before?
In blackjack you need to get higher cards then the dealer whitout going over 21, you are only playing against the dealer. Ace are counted as one or eleven, cards whit numbers two – nine are counted for their number, ten, jack, queen and king are counted as ten. The ace is counted in the way that benefits your hand best. If you didn´t get blackjack whit your hand right at the deal (example ace and queen), its now time to play whit thoose cards you have been delt.
Then there is a couple of things you should know about.
Stand means that you don´t want any more cards and its the dealers turn to try match your cards.
If you are not satisfied whit your cards you can Hit to get a new card, depending on those cards you already have you might be carefull whit requeting more cards.
Double Down means that you are doubeling your bet and gets only one more card and have to play whit thoose cards.
In some blackjack games you can get insurance, that means if the dealers first card shows an ace you can get an insurance, it gives you the half of your bet back if the dealer dosen´t get blackjack, in some games you get two times your bet back if the dealer gets blackjack.
Another rule that are in some blackjack games are surrender, that means that you give up your hand and only loose half of your betting.
If you gets twentyone (an ace and queen) in the draw and the dealer dosen´t get that you win the hand and gets a payout that is equivalent to three to two the best payout you can get in blackjack otherwise it is one against one

The best part whit playing online is that you have to pass the times casinos are open and could play whatever time suits you, there is no risk that you will have to stand out whit a large crowd, drunks or smoke. But as always be carefull there are lots of traps and fake sites around the internet, therefore the proplayers have made this site to help you find those thrustfull and reliable sites.

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