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Birthhouse of Hitler for sale

The house where Adolf Hitler was born on the 20 of April 1889 in Braunau am In, in Austria is for sale.
But the town mayor wants to stop the sale, out of fear for the hose will be i in the hands of rightwingextrimests.

The litle county can´t afford to buy the house that is belived to cost around 20 milljons, and has therefor asked the Austrian goverment for help.
Today the house has a marker dedicated to the wictims of the nazi regim.

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The fight about the tree stil goes on

When a new roundabout where about to be build in the Polish city of Jaslo policital discussions has been rising about a oak tree, which was planted by the german ocupants to celebrate the german dictators birtyday in 1942, it was brought from the german dictators austrian city of birth Braunau am Inn.

”-Almost the entire of Jaslo was destroyed by the germans in 1944, We don´t need a nazisymbol in the center of town says Maria Kurovska the mayor of the city.
Other Jaslo inhabitans is on the other hand claming that the tree is innocent and should be allowed to live freely.

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