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Andrew Breitbart dead

Conserative activist Andrew Beritbart dead at age 43

Conservative activiST Andrew Breitbart, a huge voice for the U.S. Republican politics and known for his attacks on both liberals and Democrats died suddenly on Thursday at age 43, The cause of death was natural.

Andrew Breitbart was walking close to his home in Los Angeles when he suddenly collapsed according to his father in-law actor Orson Bean.

He collapsed on the sidewalk and the paramedics were there very quickly and they couldn’t revive him,

Bean told Reuters in a phone interview.

Its been said that Breitbart has had a history of heart problems and is belived to have suffred from a heart attack.

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Whitney Houston cause of death

Yesterday Whitney Houston died, now the stories becomes to go around. Acording to several news sources did Whitney party for over 48 hours, its also said that she used to mix tranqalisers whit alcohol, a very bad combination that can lead to death.

Whitney Houstons 18 year old daughter Bobbi Kristina where transferd from the hotel on a stretcher, Mother and daughter have before been on a rehab center for their addiction. Now the family fears that Bobbi Kristina will go the same way as her mother Whitney Houston. Bobby Brown is said to have cancelled his tour and gone to Los Angeles to be whit Bobbi Kristina.

It said that as soon Whitney Houston arrived at the hotel, the party started

The official answer to the death of Whitney Houston could take weeks before the autopsy is made, but there is no sign of crime says Ed Winter spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police.

Whitney Houstons family made a statement yesterday

We are heartbroken over the loss of our beloved Whitney. This is a tremendous tragedy and we will miss her something terrible.

We appreciate the love and support from her fans and friends.

Touristbusses has during the day been stoping at the hotel to let tourist take pictures



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Whitney Houston dead

I am afraid its true

Says Whitneys publicist Jill Fritzo to AFP

Houston was found in the bathtube in her room at a luxury hotel in Beverly Hills
The cause of death is not yet clear even though drowning is considerd one option.

Some reports says that it was Whitneys bodyguard that found her, other says it was her brother and some just states that it was people in her staff.

Acording to TMZ, about 30 minutes before Whitney Houston died she was talking to her mother Cissy Houston. Whitney was also speaking to her cousin Dionne Warwick yesterday, both women is now said to bee devestaded.

Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You


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Don Cornelius

Tv star Don Cornelius died at his home in Los Angeles during Wednesday, the body was found after the police recived an alarm about gunfire.

Acording to media in the U.S, its a suicide and the cause of death is a gunshot to the head.

Don Cornelius is best known as the host of the tv program Soul Train which he hosted from 1971 to 1993

Don Cornelius was 75 years old.

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Help to cure cancer

After the death of Steve Jobs. The Swedish site MacWorld started a collection in a effort to make a change in the way to find a cure to cancer.

The site says that they have given the first 10.000 and now encourage their users and visitors to contribute to the cause, every small ammount is welcome.

For me this is a great cause when people get together and tries to make a diffrence and get a stop for cancer. Let us just hope that we can make a change and that we will find a cure in the not so distant future.

You can contribute to the cause

Rest in Peace Steve Jobs, you may be gone but never forgotten.

Steve Jobs friend Steve Wozniak remebers his friend

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Keith Ballard does it again

In November Keith Ballard knocked his own goalie Tomas Vukoon when he instead of hitting his stick at the crossbar, hit Vukoon in the head.
Now he didn´t cause Vukoon that much pain, watch the video and se.

source : Aftonbladet

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Warrior from the past has been found in Rome

Researchers have found the remains of a warrior that died about 5.000 years ago. The skelleton where found in a grave filled whit water on a beach a couple of miles outside Rome.
Part of a arrow was found between the mans ribs, whichs reveals the most likely cause of death. Now the researchers are hoping for more findings in the area.

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The murderplace of Caligula may have been found.

Italian researchers has been digging out a underground tunnel where the roman emperor Caligula is thought to have been killed.

Maria Tomei is one of the researchers and she is convinced that the bloodthirsty dictator where killed in the tunnel since the place matches the one the roman historian Suetons description of the murderscene.

Caligula was in charge in four years before he was killed in 41 B.C by his own bodyguards. The cause of the killing should be that Caligula had become more and more paranoid and started to execute people just if he suspected a consparicy.
He also was convinced that he was god and is suspossed to have tried getting children whit his sister.

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