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Chicago vacation rentals

Have you ever wanted to go to Chicago but havent been able to find any good chicago vacation rentals?

One question you have to ask yourself is how much money you want to spend on your living quarter for the time you are spending, would you like to go cheap and spend money on seightseeing or do you want to live in a bit of luxury? There are places for everyone and to small prices.
Location of the place where you want to live is also important, is it close to the city, the seightseeings you want to visit, does it fit your purpose whit the visit?

Its not hard to find good vacation rental in chicago but of course you need to look around a bit before finding the good parts.

So why not go for vacation rentals chicago today?

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What happened to : Hans Conrad Schumann (DDR)

Hans Conrad Schumann was only 19 years old when he escaped from East Germany in 1961, While the wall was beeing build he left his post as guard and jumped over barbwire and threw his gun away. After the escape Schumann was having huge feelings of guilt, his family in East Germany was seen as traitors which leed to harasments and that they where put under surveliance. Schumann eventually started to suffer from depresions, in 1998 he was found hanged in his garden close to the city of Kipfenberg in Oberbayern in the southeast Germany


Annonser från BloggPartner

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Mitsuo Fuchida

Fuchida was the captain that was leading the first attack against Pearl Harbor. Fuchida survived both the battle of Midway in june 1942 (even though his boat got sunk), and the great bomb over Hiroshima (he left the city hours before the bomb was dropped). After the war he become a famous missionar, he died in Osaka on the 30th of May 1976.

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Europes biggest massgrave found in a Slovenian mine

The grave is filled whit about 15.000 soldiers that was executed during the war.
It was discoverd in a abandoned mine outside the city of Maribor. It is supposed to contain the bodys of 15.000 Kroatian soldiers that was executed after the end of the second worldwar.
The grave is about 1 km long and 4-6 meters wide. They where most likely executed by communist partisans just short after Jugoslavia was freed in May 1945.

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German steak become american exportsuccé

The hamburger is connected whit USA and the fast food culture, but it dosen´t come originally from USA.
The german city of Hamburg where famous for its meat and in Germany would be a beef of chopped meat.

It was most probably German imigrants that brought the hamburger to USA. The first time it was named in the US is in 1884. During the 1920 the first American hamburger chain was established ( Whit Castle), McDonalds come twenty years later, it was the brothers Dick and Mac McDonald that got the idea of a fastfood buisness in San Bernadino in California, today McDonalds has resturants in around 120 countrys and around 450 000 employes.

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Lissabon lost the leading position

On hallowenday 1755 there where a churchactivity in Lissabon when the ground started to shake.
One eyewittnes says ”everyone was on their knees praying, whit fear in their eyes they are getting up and trying to called the lord. During their call the final shake took place and completed the devestation.
Lissabon was in this time Europes leading harborcity and a good buisness whit the colonies. The city had about 275 000 inhabitans, the fourth biggest city in europe, after Paris, London and Nepal.
The earthquake took place far out in the atlantic has afterwards been counted to 8.9 on the richterschale, where 9 is the higest number.
Three fird of the city where destroyed, many of those that didn´t die during the eartquake was swept along the flood waters that arrives after the earthquake.
There where also alot of fires in the city efterwards.
Acording to the historians about 70 000 people could have been killed, and the city never remained its leading position.

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