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Whitney Houston dead

I am afraid its true

Says Whitneys publicist Jill Fritzo to AFP

Houston was found in the bathtube in her room at a luxury hotel in Beverly Hills
The cause of death is not yet clear even though drowning is considerd one option.

Some reports says that it was Whitneys bodyguard that found her, other says it was her brother and some just states that it was people in her staff.

Acording to TMZ, about 30 minutes before Whitney Houston died she was talking to her mother Cissy Houston. Whitney was also speaking to her cousin Dionne Warwick yesterday, both women is now said to bee devestaded.

Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You


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Are you in need of some extra money?

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As always you have to be 18 years or older to be able to use this service, But it sure is a very good possibility to get more money quick for unexpected expenses which we all know could happen at any time. If you are in need of extra money today, don´t hesitate to use this service

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Yellow River has killed miljons

The Yellow River is running through China and the area around has been having inhabitans for 50 000 years and is considerd the crib of the Chinese civilization.
The river has also gotten the name ”The Chinese Sorrow” due to the fact that it often is flooding and has taken most lifes in the history.

The most devestaing disaster occured in 1887 when about a miljon persons died.
In 1931 a general got the idea to use the Yellow river in the war against the japanese. He blow up some of the bars and therefore caused a controlled flood that would stop the Japanese attacks.
The results become even better, it was a total flooding, but about a quarter miljon chinese died in the waters, and about six miljons more become homeless.

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