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megaupload closed by FBI

The filesharing site megaupload has been taken down by the US Goverment in the fight against piracy. Acordning to authorities megaupload generated about $ 175 million (about 1,18 billion euro) in sales.

So far seven people and two companies is accused of committing crimes against multiple points of fraud, copyright infringement and money launderging. The two companies is Megaupload Limited and North Limited which did run the site megaupload whit servers in U.S, Canda and the Netherlands.

According to the U.S. authorities have the league behind the website suspended $ 175 million on ads and memberships. Members have been able to use the website to share among other copyrighted material.

The damage to the copyright holders have been valued at $ 500 million,the materials found on the website were movies, TV shows, music, ebooks and software.

– This case is one of the largest to the law against pirates ever in the U.S., says the U.S. Justice Department said in a statement.

Of the seven suspects arrested four in New Zealand, the other three who lives in Estonia, Germany and Slovakia are still at large and has been arrested in his absence.

The raid succeeded FBI also seize parts of the league’s assets with a value of $ 50 million. Total issued 20 search warrants in the U.S. and elsewhere.

A U.S. court has decided that a total of 18 domain names belonging to the league’s businesses will be seized. Megaupload is according to the U.S. authorities have 50 million visitors a day and accounted for four percent of all traffic on the Internet.

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