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Jessie Ventura Vs JFK Conspiracy

Whell it wasn´t a question if Ventura should touch the subject, rather a question about when. Is he going for the truth like everyone else that have researched this case and found amazingly new evidence?

Let´s have a look and see what Ventura have found.

Just in the first minutes there are a error, the narrator says:

You thought the case where closed but Jessie Ventura tears it wide open

I will come to why he dosen´t tear it wide open later on, its quite intresting acctually.

Sure it looks great that Saint John Hunt will have to hide in a simple motel because he´s afraid.
In his own words:

The more exposure i get by telling my story, puts me in a greater level of danger.

Of Coruse, Hunt is afraid, he´s in great danger when he speaks about the information that he has. So is this his only appreance? Whell no. Just check where he sell the truth, isn´t that remarkable if he is afraid and under threat?

The man in the wheelchair gives Ventura some documents, new evidence (very classified) He even sleeps whit a gun under his pillow. Now this is intresting. What could this information to be?
Whell it´s about something called Operation 40, that where going to be used against Castro, but is suspected to have been used against JFK.

First of all, Operation 40 was already mentioned in 1990:s so this is not exactly new evidence, just pure old crap whitout any info about this is true or not.

And finally, of course there is a huge force and conspiracy that Jessie Ventura is not allowed to film at JFK´s gravesite….

The documents on Operation 40 where known already in 1992 when James Earl Jones hosted JFK Conspiracy

And what about Hunt´s confesion, haven´t we heard that storie before?
Whell Nigel Turner made a movie in 1988 called The Men Who killed Kennedy where the CIA is accused for beeing behind the assasination by hiring a french hitman whit the name Lucien Sartie, and what does Hunt´s confession contain?

So, how much is new information after all? But still it can be true, i just don´t like the way the information is presented as new and dangerous, when the information been known for years and people are trying to earn money on this dangerous information.

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