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India and Albanina is fighting over Mother Teresea

India and Albanina hans´t been able to come to a conclusion over who has the right to the remains of Mother Teresea.
Shall it be the country where she was born, or the country where she unselfish worked for the poor?
This has been the question since her death in 1997, at the moment she is resting in India where she for 70 years was working for the poor and sick, But now the albanian goverment wants her remanis to be sent to Albainia since her family is from the country.
But the demand is refused by the Indian goverment

– Mother Teresea was a Indian citizen and is resting in her country

says Vishnu Prakash spokesman for Indian foreginaffairs.
During August this year Mother Teresea´s 100 year birthday will be celebrated and she will then be cannoised as a saint.
Many also fears that Makedonia should take part in the conflicts since Mother Teresea grew up there.
Mother Teresea recived the Nobel Peaceprice 1979.

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The fall of ”Big Sweden”

During several hundreds of years Sweden had become a stro<>ng nation. After the battle of Poltava, it all changed.

1700 The big nordic war starts, Sweden is attacked by Russia, Denmark-Norway and Sachsen-Poland. Sweden wins over the koallition and forces everyone but Russia out of the war. Karl XII:s forces beats a superior russian army at Narva but Russia is still struggling.

1709 The battle of Poltava changes the power totaly, The army of Sweden is chrused and the country is suffering from a serious injury which the enemys can smell long way. Several nations enters the war against Sweden, which also have lost the control of Östersjön after many failed seabattles against the Danish-Norwegian navy.

1718 Karl XII attacks Norway, his plan is to force Denmark from the war so that he can focus on Russia. The attack is carefull planed, but ends when Karl XII is killed by a bullet at Fredriksten. Swedens new king start negoations of peace.

1721 The war is at the end. Sweden makes a bad peace and have to resign from their land i balticum and parts of finland which russia takes. Sweden also makes peace whit Denmark-Norway and several German states. Sweden is now a fallen nation, Russia has become the new supremepower.

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Ancient tools has been found

Around twenty stonetools that is belived to be around 120 000 years old has been found in Japan. Among the tools is a five centimeter long ”knife” stone.
The tools are the oldest that so far has been found in the country.

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Zanzibars army where figthing bravely in 38 minutes

The shortest world was taking place on the 27 of August 1886 on the island of Zanzibar. The war started since the Great Britian wanted to change the sultan Said Khalid of Zanzibar to someone that was more villing to work together whit Great Britian. They then put a ultimatum to the sultan, escape the country or face the consecvenses. The sultan where determind to defend the thrown and gatterd a army of 2.800 soldiers and a navy whit one ship.
When the british started to attack and bomb the royal palace and the fleet. Only 38 minutes later the sultan and Zanzibar gave up, the sultan where given asylum at the german ambassy on the island.

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Robespierre´s part in the revultion

The power of France where taken by people that wanted to remake the country.
The foreign troups had to be beaten before that.
The armydraft where introduce to make more soldiers, by making all men guilty of having to serve the army.

The Army´s in France where quickly growing since all men was forced to join the army. And whit them the forigen forces where easy to conquer.

The leader of was Robespierre who become a dictator.
He was sure he thought he was fighting for what was right, he even killed people that didn´t think like him since he thought he had the right to do that.

King Ludvig XVI was one of the first that Robespierre executed since he had been pointed out to have trying to crush the uprising. On a rainy winterday 1793 the king Ludvig XVI was executed.
After his death more than 40 000 people was killed. When two years had passed the people had become tired of blood and killings, it all ended whit Robespierre beeing killed by one of his former helpers.

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The stamp war

When Bolivia printed a stamp where the area Gran Chaco was a part of the lands territorium, the stamp war between Bolivia and Paraguay started.
Paraguay claimed that Gran Chaco where a part of their country and printed a bigger stamp whit Gran Chaco in their territorium. Both countrys made bigger and bigger stamps. But in 1932, Bolvia declared war and sent soldiers to the area. About 100.000 soliders lost their lifes during the three years the battle lasted untill Paraguay could resign from the war victorius.


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Jim Reeves (August 20, 1923 – July 31, 1964)

He had hits like ”I Love you because”, ”Mexican Joe”, ”Bimbo”.

Reeves had not only opened the door to wider acceptance for other country singers, but also helped usher in a new style of country music, using violins and lusher background arrangements soon called the Nashville Sound.

On the 31 of July 1964, Reeves and his partner Dean Manuel took off from Bateville Arkansas on their way by a single engine Beechcraft Debonair airplane to Nashville. Reeves was the one behind the controlls.

Suddenly when they fly over Brentwood Tennessee they meet a violent thunderstorm and the pilot where disoriented.
It has been belived that he flew the plane upside down and assumed that he was increasing altitude to clear the storm.
The plane dissaperd from the radarscreens around 5.00 pm radio contact was also lost.
About 42 hours later the wreckage was found, the engine and nose were buried in the ground from the impact. The crash site where in a wooded area North North East of Brentwood.

During the morning of 2nd of August 1964 the bodies of Reeves and Manuel were found in the wreckage. At 1.00 pm the same day, radio stations across USA annonced the death of Jim Reeves, and thousands of people wouldn´t belive their ears, thousands turned out to pay their last respects on the 4th of august when the funeral took place, the coffin where draped in flowers from fans and was driven through the streests of Nashville to Reeves resting place near Carthage Texas.

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Johnny Cash – Ghostrider in the sky

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Johnny Cash – Ring of fire

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