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Larry Hagman dead

Larry Hagman

81 year old Larry Hagman has passed away after a long battle whit cancer

Hagman become famous for his part as J.R Ewing in the tv-serie Dallas in the mid 80:s.

Becoming a celeberty brought whit it problems whit alcohol since Hagman started to drink from morning to evning, in 1995 he recived a new kidney.

Hagman leaves his wife Maj, daughter Kristina and his son Preston and five grandchildren behind.


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Whitney Houstons will

Its been said on many places on the internet that Whiney Houstons will would leave everything to her daughter Bobbi Kristina 19. The will was signed in February of 1993 just before Bobbi Kristina was born, the will was later altered by adding notes that all of her clothes, jewlery, furniture, personal items and cars would go to her surviving children.

The money wont go to direct to Bobbi Kristina since the money would be put into a trust fund to be disperesed to her daughter at ages 21 and 25 and at age 30 she would receive the entire ammount

Other names named in Houstons will is her mother Cissy, who stands as the executor as well as her brother Gary and sister in law Patricia who are trustees.

During this sunday Bobbi kristina will sit down for a interview whit Oprah Winfrey, the first one since her mothers passing.

Its also belive that Whitney Houstons will would leave a share to her ”secret son”, Nick Gordon 22 which she took in to her home as a youngster trying to save him from his own troubled background.

He was never formally adopted but called Whitney for ”Mum” and was treated like her own. He also become a ”brother” to Bobbi Kristina

A source close to the family has been quoting saying:

Nick was family, she loved him as much as any mother could love a child.

If he is not written into her will and everything goes to Bobbi then it will only be because it was written before she took Nick into her family.

If that’s the case, Bobbi will make sure Nick is taken care of because it’s what her mum would have wanted and he’s like a brother.

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Leslie Carter

Leslie Carter 25, probably best known as the sister of Aaron and Nick Carter, died on Tuesday at her home in what is belived to be an overdose.

Acording to Tmz she was addicted to prescripted drugs, which she was said to trying to get out of. Her family left her alone for one hour when they had to run some earandes, when they returned Leslie Carter was uncasious. The family called a ambulans but her life couldn´t be saved.

We are deeply saddened by the death of our dear sister, daughter and granddaughter

Said the family in a statement

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Heather Locklear

Heather Locklear was born on September 25 1961 and is a American actress probably best known for her roles as Sammy Jo Carrington in Dynasty, Officer Stacy Sheridan on T.J Hooker, Amanda Woodward on Melrose place and also Catilin Moore in Spin City.

Heather Locklear was born in Westwood Los Angeles as the daughter of William Robert Locklear and Diane (born Tinsley) she was raised in Thousand Oaks and is the youngest of four children. She is also from Lumbee (Native American descent)

Today it was said that Heather Locklear was rushed to the hospitals emergency room after have been mixing alcohol and prescription drugs

Locklear was awake and was speaking whit the crew at the hospital, most likely she will be going home during the day

She is not in any danger and she will be fine

Said her parents Bill and Diane Locklear in a statement

Just recently did Heather Locklear brake up her relationship whit her fiance Jack Wagner

More info

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Skull is probably not from St Birgitta

Vadstena monestery have had two skulls that was claimed to have been from St Birgitta and her daughter Katarina. It has now been made clear that the youngest skull dosen´t come from Katarina, the DNA in the skulls dosen´t match, and the oldest skull seems to have been from about 200 years before Birgitta was born and the youngest from 200 years after. Researchers also says that it is clear that the skulls dosen´t come from mother and daughter.

Source : Inte Heliga Birgittas Kranium

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Did Anastasia survive the death of the tsar family?

Anastasia where the youngest daughter of the Russian tsar Nikolaj II, that where running Russian betwen 1894-1917 when he is forced to abdicate during the Russian revulotion.

Early morning 17 of Juli 1918 the tsar and his family where executed.
But there is many that has been questioning the truth behind the story. A rumor is that Anastasia did escape the killings, several persons has during the years claimed to be Anastasia.

The candidate that have been given most attention, is Anna Andersson, a polish factory worker that from the early 1920 and untill her death claimed to be Anastasia. After Anna Anderssons death a DNA test was made, and proved that she wasn´t releated to the tsar family.
During the last years more information has been found in the DNA traces, which points to the story of all family members beeing killed is true.
Despite that there is still some people that claims Anastasia escaped the execution

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