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The golden house of Nero

Finally i can live in a house worthy a human

said the Roman emperor Nero when his new palace was done in the year 68. Domus Aurea had over 300 rooms and was covered in gold, no one knows how big the palace was but researchers belives that it covered a area as big as 200 soocerfields.
It has been said that the palace had very high rooms, in one room there was a statue of Nero reaching 120 feet (35 meters) and a artifical lake big as an ocean.

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The warriors wheren´t for the emperor

Acording to the historian Chen Jinguyan the terracotta army is not, as researchers belvied, for the emperor Qin Shi Huangdi but there is a woman that is behind the armys, the soliders haircut should talk for they belonged to the empress Xuan that died in 256 B.C

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New technic will help find Djingis Khans grave

In more than eighthundred years it has been a mystery where the mongolian emperor Djingis Khan was burried. During the summer of 2009 a group of researchers from the University of California a research of the Liupan montuains in north east Mongolia in a effort to solve the riddle.
It was in this area where Djingis Khan is supposed to have been burried in 1227. The researchers has alot of modern technic in their advantage, like small airplanes whit cameras, sattelis and scanners whit 3d version. It is the first time a archelogigal digg is using the technic.

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The murderplace of Caligula may have been found.

Italian researchers has been digging out a underground tunnel where the roman emperor Caligula is thought to have been killed.

Maria Tomei is one of the researchers and she is convinced that the bloodthirsty dictator where killed in the tunnel since the place matches the one the roman historian Suetons description of the murderscene.

Caligula was in charge in four years before he was killed in 41 B.C by his own bodyguards. The cause of the killing should be that Caligula had become more and more paranoid and started to execute people just if he suspected a consparicy.
He also was convinced that he was god and is suspossed to have tried getting children whit his sister.

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