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Whitney Houstons will

Its been said on many places on the internet that Whiney Houstons will would leave everything to her daughter Bobbi Kristina 19. The will was signed in February of 1993 just before Bobbi Kristina was born, the will was later altered by adding notes that all of her clothes, jewlery, furniture, personal items and cars would go to her surviving children.

The money wont go to direct to Bobbi Kristina since the money would be put into a trust fund to be disperesed to her daughter at ages 21 and 25 and at age 30 she would receive the entire ammount

Other names named in Houstons will is her mother Cissy, who stands as the executor as well as her brother Gary and sister in law Patricia who are trustees.

During this sunday Bobbi kristina will sit down for a interview whit Oprah Winfrey, the first one since her mothers passing.

Its also belive that Whitney Houstons will would leave a share to her ”secret son”, Nick Gordon 22 which she took in to her home as a youngster trying to save him from his own troubled background.

He was never formally adopted but called Whitney for ”Mum” and was treated like her own. He also become a ”brother” to Bobbi Kristina

A source close to the family has been quoting saying:

Nick was family, she loved him as much as any mother could love a child.

If he is not written into her will and everything goes to Bobbi then it will only be because it was written before she took Nick into her family.

If that’s the case, Bobbi will make sure Nick is taken care of because it’s what her mum would have wanted and he’s like a brother.

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Swedish researchers: Snowman found in Siberia

The myth of a three-meter long, covered with hair creature popularly known as Bigfoot or Yeti can be more than an exciting story. Two of the world’s most reputable newspaper reports that Swedish researchers have found him in Siberia.

Since the 1800s, stories have flourished on a large creature that stresses around the forests in the U.S. and Canada. The creature called everything from Bigfoot to Bigfoot and Sasquatch.

At the same time the rumor of a close relative of this beast. It is the ape-like yeti, or yeti, which is rumored to be in Tibet and on top of the Himalayas.

Periodically, people have claimed that they have met on these mythical creatures. Some claim to have been abducted by the animal, others that have caught a glimpse of him or found his footprints in the woods. But the world of science has long dismissed the stories as mere tales.

But now the yeti-fans had a field day. After the local population in Kemerovoregionen in Russia raised the alarm that have seen an ape-like creature on the Russian tundra took the Canadian and Swedish researchers to the site.

The researchers could find hair, footprints and a bed that they believe belong to an animal that looks like a Bigfoot or a Yeti. During a seminar afterwards said the scientists up to 95 percent certain that such a creature actually exists, writing both The Times and The Guardian.

But the researchers’ discovery has been criticized. The hårfynd found has not yet been investigated.

Loren Coleman, of the international crypto-zoological museum in Portland Maine, can not see any major difference between scientists’ discoveries and the discoveries that lay people on holiday excursions are doing in North America.

– They will find hair of an unidentified origin, and say it’s Bigfoot hair, find any broken branches and says it was made by Bigfoot, and found footprints that they say looks like Sasquatch tracks, he tells The Huffington Post.

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Elizabeth Taylor Quotes

Big girls need big diamonds.

Everything makes me nervous – except making films.

I adore wearing gems, but not because they are mine. You can’t possess radiance, you can only admire it.

I am a very committed wife. And I should be committed too – for being married so many times.

I don’t pretend to be an ordinary housewife.

I don’t think President Bush is doing anything at all about Aids. In fact, I’m not sure he even knows how to spell Aids.

I feel very adventurous. There are so many doors to be opened, and I’m not afraid to look behind them.

I fell off my pink cloud with a thud.

I have a woman’s body and a child’s emotions.

I haven’t read any of the autobiographies about me.

I really don’t remember much about Cleopatra. There were a lot of other things going on.

I suppose when they reach a certain age some men are afraid to grow up. It seems the older the men get, the younger their new wives get.

I sweat real sweat and I shake real shakes.

I think I’m finally growing up – and about time.

I’m a survivor – a living example of what people can go through and survive.

I’ve always admitted that I’m ruled by my passions.

I’ve been through it all, baby, I’m mother courage.

I’ve only slept with men I’ve been married to. How many women can make that claim?

If someone’s dumb enough to offer me a million dollars to make a picture, I’m certainly not dumb enough to turn it down.

It is strange that the years teach us patience; that the shorter our time, the greater our capacity for waiting.

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99 tips to save money

FUNDS: BANK CARDS AND ALSO LOANS1. Develop a price range and stay reasonable concerning your entire incomings and also costs. Ensure you realize just what funds you might have when you should have that. This kind of will allow you to policy for activities for instance 1st birthdays or perhaps holiday seasons any time you need a tiny more money stored upwards. a couple of. Ensure you are receiving perfect interest to your financial savings, beginning a great on the web family savings can be given a increased interest when compared to a typical existing consideration. 3. Absent the bank card bare minimum transaction days can struck an individual using a huge demand, thus create a primary debit transaction to be sure there is a constant overlook the particular time unintentionally. some. A lot of bank cards today offer you procuring or perhaps items on your own acquisitions or perhaps reward deals when you subscribe, thus ensure you check around just before picking the bank card. Nonetheless will not merely pick a credit card as a result of a single away from gain, you must go through the total package deal. 5. Avoid being afraid to be able to exchange to a new bank card with an intention totally free advertising period of time since a lot of bank cards offer you this kind of today. Nonetheless ensure you exchange to a new a single ahead of the advertising period of time is finished since you will be incurred using a increased interest when it’s got concluded. 6. Maintain your credit score healthy- this may ensure it is better to exchange to be able to diverse bank cards when you really need to be able to. 7. Will not register with section retailer bank cards even when they will carry out give you 10% away from the initial obtain, they will charge a fee a really large interest, large overdue transaction fees and so are also luring to own within your finances while you’re out there purchasing! 8. Aren’t getting oneself in to a wreak havoc on spending the mortgage loan. In case you are having difficulties to cover the monthly premiums, get hold of your service provider concerning having a mortgage loan transaction getaway which usually surpasses basically defaulting on your own repayments. 9. When you have slightly more money, pay out a lot more on your own bank cards or perhaps lending options as opposed to shelling out that over a handle. When you can pay out your financial situation away from more rapidly, you may pay out a smaller amount attention. 10. When you have recently been stung before simply by huge lender fees, make an effort to recover these simply by creating in your lender. If you believe the lender fees are usually substantially more than some other financial institutions, think of shifting the consideration. 11. In the event you vacation a whole lot, utilize a charge card which usually won’t charge a fee regarding deploying it in another country. Several bank cards demand a couple of. 5% regarding deploying it in the overseas region, nonetheless there are a few that not necessarily demand this kind of payment in the event you check around. 12. In case you are focused on finances, acquire totally free aid from the neighborhood Citizen’s Assistance Institution, they will determine what difficulties you may well be going through and so are qualified to assist you consider remedies. 13. Ensure you are usually proclaiming virtually any rewards that you will be eligible to for instance Youngster Duty Credit rating, Functioning Duty Credit rating. The particular varieties usually takes a little while to be able to fill in and also it could be perplexing in what you might be eligible regarding nevertheless, you can easily head to your neighborhood Citizen’s Assistance Institution to aid together with virtually any questions. SHOPPING14. Can you purchasing on the web, this may quit an individual paying out regarding busses or perhaps auto parking and you also will acquire things you need if you are on the web. 15. Become a member of World wide web Procuring to be able to make procuring when you go shopping on the web and also access discounts which usually are certainly not for sale in the particular retailers. Make procuring about many different goods together with your foods purchasing, garments purchasing, bank cards, insurance coverages and so forth. Down load the particular Procuring Detector and you may by no means overlook procuring although purchasing on the web once more! of sixteen. Will not acquire sets from the most common high-street retailers; work with a value evaluation internet site prior to deciding to acquire anything at all to be sure you might be having the finest rates, which may level one to a great web store you might have by no means been aware of just before with all the most affordable goods. 18. Don’t behavioral instinct go shopping! Will not acquire one thing when you notice; offer oneself moment to take into account that in order to notice in the event you absolutely need that. This may furthermore offer you possiblity to check around to find the best value. 20. Any time getting the household goods test the particular supermarket’s economic system array. You will discover nearly all of that likes the identical yet will be 50 percent the purchase price, thus avoid being defer from the the labels. Superstore economic system amounts may also be best for toiletries, treatments and also washing goods. 20. Use a early spring clear and also promote what you will not need or perhaps utilize any more about Ebay- it is easy and quick to offer about Craigs list today. 20. Carry out the trips to market during the night when you can, since food markets for instance ASDA or perhaps Tesco usually lessen the price tag on foods just like loaf of bread, dairy or perhaps cakes by the end with the evening to be sure they will promote that. 21 years old. Before going purchasing, help make a listing of things you need and adhere to it, unless you realize things you need, you will end up more prone to overspend. twenty-two. Will not purchase your everyday sit down elsewhere coming from pricey java retailers because they’re very costly. Any £ a couple of sit down elsewhere each day costs roughly £ 58 on the complete calendar month! Require a flask out there as an alternative! 12. Require a crammed lunchtime to be effective as opposed to getting that each day, it’s going to workout significantly less costly particularly when you might have squeezed the loaf of bread lowered to your sandwiches the night time just before. twenty four. Will not acquire all set produced dishes; they may be pricey rather than extremely healthful. In the event you get ordered it is possible to make dinner coming from scuff inside concerning 20 moments. It really is much healthier and far less costly. twenty-five. Simply acquire what you should take in, getting a lot of foods signifies it is going to walk out time quickly and you also lose cash about it. twenty six. Utilize the locations from the night time dishes to your lunchtime the very next day, so long as you retain in the particular family fridge it’s going to nonetheless keep great and also signifies an individual will never have to purchase your meal out there. 29. Constantly be aware of promotions, deals and also special discounts. Volume acquire if you have a particular offer you about one thing an individual on a regular basis utilize, as an example any BOGOF about toothpaste nonetheless will not merely acquire one thing as it will be lowered! twenty eight. Will not sense you should be the initial particular person to obtain the newest goods, as an example any cellular phone can expense £ 3 hundred any time initial introduced yet can fall to be able to simply £ 50 next yr. 28. Program your household and also buddy’s special birthday and also Holiday offers beforehand simply by getting these through the revenue. When you have adequate safe-keeping, you might purchase your Holiday offers for your pursuing yr inside the Jan revenue. NIGHT TIME ENJOYMENT AND ALSO LEISURE30. Cease eating out there with eating places with early evenings and also weekends frequently. You can acquire very lazy and also leave for supper yet you have got to understand that the food can are expensive a lot more in the bistro as compared to it’s going to food preparation yourself. thirty-one. Should you take in out there with a bistro, make an effort to omit the particular basic in support of have got a couple of classes which usually can save you funds with out damaging the night time. Furthermore, make an effort to withstand the particular java by the end with the food, you may get a single in the home regarding a lesser amount of. 33. Locate a bistro to acquire your own personal wine bottle! They’re really frequent and definately will suggest you’re not spending bistro rates to your refreshments. thirty three. Go on it inside transforms to suit your needs along with your close friends to be able to chuck any supper party. That is significantly less costly as compared to planning to any bistro which is usually more pleasurable specifically when you have crafted early evenings. thirty four. In case you are venturing out for your night time, will not move prematurily . and possess a couple of refreshments prior to deciding to abandon. It will cost a lesser amount of funds yet can nonetheless have a great time! thirty five. When you have a pricey health club account , nor put it to use next cancel that since this is a full spend regarding funds. Test jogging as an alternative or perhaps with your neighborhood discretion middle that is significantly less costly when compared to a health club account. thirty-six. In the event you pay out to attend any weight reduction golf club, take into account commencing your own personal along with your household, close friends and also nearby neighbours as an alternative. You may nonetheless have the identical determination yet will save you around the each week expense. thirty seven. Will not pay out a high price regarding movie theatre seat tickets because so many theatres offer you low-cost saturday and sunday or perhaps day rates, and also once you learn an individual having an Fruit cellular phone you may get 2-for-1 seat tickets about Wednesday’s making use of their Fruit Friday advertising. 37. In the course of summer season holiday seasons many council’s have got totally free or perhaps low-cost activities regarding family members and also youngsters to be able to indulge in, thus ensure you look about to be able to maximize what exactly is supplied. 39. Your local library certainly are a fantastic destination for a acquire the youngsters over a stormy evening and so are perfect for grownups also as much today inventory not merely guides yet Dvds, Digital video disks and also periodicals. 45. Discuss the expense of activities together with your friends and relations, as an example if you’d prefer sports next obtain a time of year admission along with your close friends and also go on it inside transforms to attend the particular complements. In this way you could overlook several complements yet which is a lot better than passing up on these. 41. Attempt to locate a general market trends party locally that may pay out an individual well regarding showing experiments everything you consider certain goods or perhaps tips. They’re pleasurable to accomplish and you also are given together with drinks while you’re right now there. FASHION42. Make an effort to develop the attire upwards together with vintage parts in which match up. In this way you’ll be able to be able to interchange almost everything, and that means you is not going to must acquire as much fresh parts. 43. See a manufacturing facility or perhaps clearance retailers; they may be significantly less costly and present an individual huge brand names with lower rates and also it’s likely that, no person can realize in which you purchased these coming from! forty four. Make an effort to keep your purchasing excursions before the revenue are usually about. Despite the fact that ensure you will not acquire items merely because they’re low-cost unless you must have these and also acquire these again should they will not suit as much retailers usually do not available their particular appropriate bedrooms in the course of active selling instances. forty-five. Head to your neighborhood charitable organization go shopping for low-cost garments! Bear in mind, many superstars go shopping inside charitable organization retailers due to the fact which is in which every one of the quirky products is indeed you will end up inside excellent business! forty six. Will not sprinkle from artist garments to your youngsters. Hand-me-downs and also superstore garments amounts are usually a powerful way to outfit your young ones at low costs and so they will most likely not also spot the variation. forty seven. Discover ways to sew and also resolve the garments, not merely are you considering capable of sew virtually any pockets or perhaps rips, you’ll manage to tailor-make your own personal garments to produce a single away from parts. forty-eight. Go back garments to get a return which you have acquired and knew you never just like, will not merely permit these take a seat within your attire with all the tag words about. forty nine. Will not prevent the less costly retailers for instance Primark, they may be fantastic to be able to replenish on your own basic attire requirements for instance t-shirts and also nightwear. UTILITIES50. Simply acquire kitchen appliances which were qualified since vitality successful, they could expense a lot more in the first place yet you are going to help save a lot more as time passes about working charges. 1951. Change the outdated lights together with vitality successful lights while they go longer and also save funds. fifty-two. Reduce your heat thermostat. When you can find bedrooms you do not utilize at home next let down the particular radiator and also shut the entranceway. In the event you are now living in any a couple of storey residence, it is possible to switch the particular thermostat straight down further 2nd floor due to the fact temperature goes up. Simply by converting the heat thermostat straight down 10-20 you will end up astonished with simply how much vitality you will put away annually. 53. Put in a lot more insulating material within your attic room, change outdated window curtain liners together with fresh insulation window curtain liners and also close up virtually any draughts. When you have a huge adequate price range, put in twice and even double glazed house windows, they’re extremely successful method of insulation your property, helping you save funds about heat charges. In addition they raise the benefit of your house substantially. fifty four. Let down the particular lamps in the event you are certainly not inside the area and also ensure every person in your own home can the identical. There isn’t any level inside getting incurred regarding mild you do not utilize. Basic since in which! fifty-five. Will not abandon power devices about standby while they nonetheless take in electrical energy. Switch these away from on the wall structure and you also can cut back to be able to 10% away from the power bills. In accordance with accounts, great britain authorities will be attracting legal guidelines that may ensure it is mandatory for many fresh devices never to use a standby function due to massive spend this kind of delivers. 56. It is possible to help save big money on your own h2o charges quickly, constantly bathtub as opposed to washing and also devote only a small amount amount of time in the particular bathtub as you can. 57. When you have a huge residence together with handful of passengers you might halve the twelve-monthly h2o costs simply by putting in any h2o meter. fifty eight. Switch the automatic washer as a result of 45. Except if the garments are usually greatly dirty any rinse about 30-40 can nonetheless deliver these out there dazzling clear! fifty nine. Avoid being very lazy simply by keeping your overall energy business, check around and also ensure you are receiving the most effective package; you need to use energy evaluation web sites to assist you notice recognise the business will probably be finest to suit your needs and also utilize World wide web Procuring to be able to make around thirty seven. 50 weight regarding moving over energy organizations. TRAVEL60. Publication travel arrangements early on and also spend less. Although lots of the price range airline carriers can soar with a local international airport, it could in fact expense a smaller amount to be able to soar directly into a great international airport nearer to any metropolis heart (if you might be fat loss metropolis break) when you is not going to have got to fund any cab in your holiday accommodation. sixty one. Price range airline carriers for instance Ryanair have become asking every carrier checked out in to the keep so that you can increase their particular turnaround instances. When you can, bunch things you need (minus scissors, drinks etc) directly into the keep suitcases. And also this signifies you don’t need to hold out spherical to grab the suitcases with arrivals. sixty two. Publication accommodations on the web as opposed to jogging inside unannounced and also getting struck with all the generally increased walk-in fee. 63. Purchase your automobile local rental on the web as opposed to planning because of it once you occur. Automobile local rental can be a competing industry and also there are numerous money-saving presents accessible. sixty-four. In case you are arranging a quest simply by educate or perhaps tour bus next publication early on, try to find presents , nor vacation inside top instances. In the event you purchase your admission around the evening regarding venturing it’ll be a lot more funds as compared to in the event you publication beforehand. 65. In case you are over a extended educate or perhaps aircraft quest, purchase your drinks prior to deciding to table since refreshments and also snack foods are usually constantly overvalued thoughts is broken venturing. 66. There are several sites that may send out an individual totally free trials or perhaps funds away from deals thus find a very good a single and also retain examining that for your trials you would like to acquire. Wash and also physique product trials are usually fantastic to battle weekends apart! COMMUNICATIONS67. Unless you utilize the landline cell phone usually next modify with a payg cellular phone, it really is ridiculous investing in series local rental unless you put it to use. 68. Unless you utilize your web broadband usually next cancel that and also utilize totally free wifi world wide web generally in most eating places, bars and also cafes. You just acquire the notebook and also hook up to their particular wifi at no cost (although it could run you any sit down elsewhere! ). It is possible to head to the selection and also utilize their particular personal computers at no cost and also gain access to their particular laser printers and also photocopiers to get a tiny expense. 69. In case you are over a month to month cellular phone deal, think of proceeding payg as an alternative. You should have far more handle above everything you devote, and you should become astonished with the amount of folks can contact an individual as opposed to an individual contacting these! 75. Send out a message as opposed to getting in touch with or perhaps sending text messages folks. Many consumer companies divisions can response email messages today in the event you have trouble with a site for instance the energy costs therefore you is not going to must band their particular quality fee consumer companies contact number. You can even send out your friends and relations email messages as opposed to contacting these and also send out special birthday charge cards simply by e mail to save lots of about postage. 71. There are several sites which usually enable you to send out texting to be able to cellphones at no cost and that means you is not going to burn up the credit rating sending text messages although you may get on the web and also work with a messenger program for instance LIVE MESSENGER Stay to be able to speak to your friends and relations online at no cost. seventy two. Get yourself a Freeview electronic digital package and also cancel the HEAVENS or perhaps satellite tv package deal. Freeview provides a lot of totally free programs and you may today observe many TV SET courses on the net, and that means you will not be passing up on the preferred displays. ACROSS THE HOUSE73. When you have an extra area, market to get a lodger. There are several those who merely need a space through the few days although they may be at the job, and that means you would certainly nonetheless get the level of privacy with weekends. In the event you stay all on your own any lodger can easily give you fantastic business and definately will aid pay out toward the charges. 74. Avoid being wasteful together with goods for instance toothpaste, physique product or perhaps base. Once you can not acquire any more out from the conduit, minimize that available and will also be capable of utilize the parts an individual could hardly arrive at. seventy-five. Re-use outdated ice-cream tubs or perhaps eliminate the labels, you need to use these regarding cold foods or perhaps using the crammed lunchtime directly into perform. seventy six. When you have any family pet, will not head out getting pricey bed linens from your family pet go shopping, recycling the particular spend papers from the business office or perhaps purchase your very own shredding equipment in the home and also shred upwards the outdated magazines. seventy seven. Simply load the particular copper tea pot together with how much h2o you will need, completing that upwards total waste materials vitality and also will take more time to be able to disect thus you need to hold out more time to your beverage! seventy eight. By using the automatic washer, ensure it really is total each and every time, in the event you merely use a handful of what to rinse next palm rinse these inside the destroy. seventy nine. As opposed to blow drying the garments inside the crash clothing dryer, hold these exterior or perhaps inside stormy weather conditions hold these more than a clotheshorse. This may furthermore maintain your garments more relaxing regarding more time since crash dryers have a tendency to reduce the garments! 70. Discover ways to help make your own personal washing goods which can be since successful because the goods you get inside the go shopping and you may usually utilize the components an individual have within your cooking area pantry shelves. seventy eight. Increase your own personal vegetables and fruits within your back garden or perhaps hire a great allotment, particularly when an individual supply the greens in your animals. Seed expense essentially practically nothing when compared to the genuine goods by themselves. MOTORING82. Downsizing your car or truck will save you hundreds of weight annually inside equally gas and also path duty when you are only creating travels to be able to and also coming from perform you ought to you should think about finding a more compact, more effective automobile. 83. Will not replenish your car or truck insurance policy with out doing your research initial. Work with a value evaluation web site and you also can help save £ plenty annually simply by transforming with a less costly service provider. To get a value evaluation program head to CompareTheMarket. com. 84. In the event you happen to be perform all on your own, attempt to take up a automobile swimming together with fellow workers which stay locally, not merely can this kind of help save inside fuel charges, it will maintain your automobile a long way lower. eighty five. Will not hop within your automobile for many travels, when you can, wander or perhaps routine and you may spend less and acquire trimmer. 90. Take up a university work together with some other mom and dad locally in the event you push your young ones to be able to university or perhaps take into account jogging these right now there as an alternative when it is in the jogging length. 87. Will not push also quickly, the particular RAC state many automobile search engines work a lot more successfully with 60-70 a long way one hour, in comparison to 70 mph or higher. 88. Verify the tyre strain on a regular basis; if the tyres are usually beneath overpriced simply by 20% next you are going to utilize 10% a lot more gas. fifth 89. Will not pay out to have your car or truck washed since this is a spend regarding funds, reserve thirty minutes weekly to scrub that oneself. MISC90. As opposed to investing in a everyday papers, see the media on the web. Many magazines have got on a regular basis up to date sites which may have every one of the media testimonies at no cost which usually will save you roughly 15 weight each month. 91. In the event you light up, make an effort to quit or perhaps decrease. The particular NHS provides a lot of totally free companies to assist you try this plus it can save you £ plenty annually. 95. Keep an eye on simply how much alcohol consumption an individual beverage. In case you are creating a handful of spectacles each day, test to lessen in support of own it regarding specific situations. 93. Will not spend cash there isn’t about wagering web sites, specifically kinds on the web. It is possible to drop observe about the amount of money you might be shelling out and also most of the time, you may drop this kind of funds. Test quality provides as an alternative in order to test the fortune since in this way you’ll not drop your cash. 94. It could be less costly so that you can buy the prescription medications beforehand using a pre-payment document in the event you buy greater than several prescribed things inside several weeks or perhaps 18 things inside 12 weeks. 92. Acquire simple treatments when you’re able to, any of sixteen bunch regarding Anadin charges roughly a couple of. 99 weight nonetheless any Sainsbury printed bunch will simply expense roughly 33p. ninety-six. Minimize and also coloring your own personal head of hair, or perhaps get the close friends to assist you. There are several fantastic DO IT YOURSELF coloring products on the market to offer a fresh try to find beneath 5 weight and also a couple of clippers is not going to be significantly. Be mindful even though! ninety seven. Imagine it really is the special birthday over a particular date and also you will get a free of charge special birthday wedding cake or perhaps goblet regarding Champaign. 98. Will not drop your entire reduce money, help save these upwards in the vessel and also by the end with the yr you will end up astonished with the amount of money you might have accumulated. 99. Help make spending less entertaining! Spending less doesn’t always have to produce an individual unpleasant! It is possible to nonetheless notice friends and family, acquire oneself snacks and also carry on getaway; you merely hold the extra good thing about experience pleased with finances as opposed to covering far from these!

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Sherlock Holmes flashgame

I have always liked Sherlock Holmes and i am trying everything that i can about Sherlock Holmes.
This game is about spotting diffrences in the pictures.

Sherlock Holmes

My best time is 11 seconds in total on the five levels, but this game also has a nice ”bug”, find something that is wrong and click it several times and you will se 😉

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British forces sank Bismarck after a big chase

Bismarck was the worlds biggest warship 50.000 ton and fully equipt and armed whit 38 centimeter canons and had started an operation against enemy ships in the Atlantic. At first everything went as the Germans wanted, Bismarck sank the cruiser Hood and damaged the battleship Prince of Wales, at the same time Bismarck only got minor injuries. But now the allies started to hunt Bismarck, Torepedos from airplanes damaged the ships rudder so it only could go in cirkels, and then the british cruiser Dorsetshire got three hits on Bismarck that sank. The crew on Bismarck was 2065, only 115 crewmembers survived. In 1989 the wreck of Bismarck where found about 100 miles west of the French coasttown Brest, Bismarck lies 4 500 meters down and is remarkable well kept, the big nazimark on the deck is still visibile.

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New 9/11 photos ’prove WTC exploded from inside’

Ok, when i started to wiev this one, i feelt it would be hard to debunk, but whell not really.

There is a couple of intresting things that the man says.

1.The pictures dosen´t show a building that collapses, building that exploded

2.Buildings are litteraly turned into dust, and the only way that happen is by explosions

3.Survivours heard explosions that day

4.Forensic evidence in the debris of the world trade center

If we start whit 1.

Everything that looks like explosions aren´t explosions, the only good reason that the tower feel where because of the damage and that the top fell on the lower floors which didn´t could take it, and collapsed.

2. If something fall down like that, it would brake and become dust, you dont belive that the tower would feel down intact do you?

3. Everything that sounds like bombs aren´t bombs… I bet that there where several things exploding that day, cars, elevators and so on, but no bombs (which bomb whould survive an impact of a airplane?)

4. If there is any forensic evidence for this, why not use them as it should, make a new investigation, turn some rocks so to speak, do they do that? No they just talks about what they ”have” but they can´t prove that what they say are true.

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Did the manager kill Jimi Hendrix?

Acording to a new box published by James Wright, it was the manager Michael Jeffrey that killed Hendrix that forced Hendrix to take the pills and poured wine down his trought. One year after Hendrix death the manager would have confessed whit these words: ” That son of a bitch wanted to leave me, if he had left i had lost everything”.

Offically Hendrix died in his own puke, after a combination of sleeping pills and wine.

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The Bermuda triangle

One intressting thing when you look on the map where the triangel is located, its is very much traffic in that area, all planes and boats that goes out, or in for that matter, to US ports in that area passes the triangle.

So just by that i belive the explantion given by U.S. Navy and Coast Guard, more traffic attracts more incidents and accidents.

But is this the true story?
Whell it could be almost everything, but it dosen´t answer on why the ships or planes went down in the first place.

The most notorius dissaperence in the triangle is flightgroup 19 in 1945.

The planes where of the type ”Avengers”, they where out on a rotuine patrol. It was a clear and nice day, the pilots where welltrained, then the tower started to recive transmissions from the flight that they didn´t know where they where, compasses where out of order, and everything seemed wrong, they where never seen or heard of again.
Investigations didn´t turn up any clues or explenations to what had happened.

In 1918 the U.S.S Cyclops passed the triangle on it´s way from Brazil.
She was never seen or heard of again.

In 1948 a Douglas DC-3 dissaperd over the triangle.

There is many more disspaperence to find.
Even the last few years planes and boats has been dissapering.

# DC-3 N407D, lost on September 21, 1978
# Fighting Tiger 524, lost on February 22, 1978
# Beechcraft N9027Q, lost on February 11, 1980
# Ercoupe N3808H, lost on June 28, 1980
# Beech Bonanza, lost on January 6, 1981
# Piper Cherokee N3527E, lost on March 26, 1986
# Grumman Cougar Jet, lost on October 31, 1991
# Jamanic K motor vessel, lost en route from Cape Haitian to Miami on March 20, 1995
# Genesis motor vessel, disappeared en route from Port of Spain, Trinidad to St. Vincent on April 21, 1999
# Cessna 210, drops off radar from Freeport to Nassau on June 14, 1999


The mest probably theory about the triangle is the Methane Gas theory.
It could explain mostley of the dissapernces that have happned, when the gas is released from the bottom of the sea it can sink ships, turn of airplane engines.
During a expidition, researchers found several planes on the seabed, just like they where parked there.

That takes away the theory about explosions.

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