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Found : Diary from a expedition that ended whit Catastroph

Researschers have found a diary from a famous Russian expedition to Arctic, The notes shows that the crew died of starvation after their ship had been frosen in the ice.
Besides the diary researchers also found a pocketwatch and a spoon.

It was on a deserted island north of Russia that researchers have found the remains from the expedition to find a way from Europe to Asia. Among the finding is, as said, a diary written by one of the sailors that 1912 started the expedition whit Captain Georgij Brusilov. Researchers also found a couple of skelletons. It was the ship St.Anna that got stuck in the ice and was drifting for two years while the food storage was empytied, as a last resort 24 sailors left the ship trying to find land, but only two surrvied, untill now it has been a mystery what happened to the them.

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Found : Ship that was lost in the Arctic

It was the HMS Investigator that for about 150 years ago took part in the expedition that searched for Sir John Franklin. The ship was abandoned in the icy waters in 1853, but was now found in shallow waters in Mercy Bay on the north coast of Banks Island in the Western area of the Arctic that belongs to Canada.

Alongside the ship there where three bodies discovered onboard, The British goverment has been informed by the findings acording to Environemnt Minister Jim Prentice.

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Traces after a Spanish Conquistador has been found

A american researcher has discoverd traces after the spanis conquistador Herman De Soto who in the 1500 century investigated the american south.
Dennis Blanton from the naturmuseum in Atlanta has discoverd glaspearls that he claimed where used in the merchant whit the indians.
The discovery has been rising alot of voices, since historians for a long time have been trying to reconstruct the way Herman De Soto traveled
The pearls where found about 15 miles from the way historians belived that De Soto took, during the expedition more than half of the 600 crewmembers died. In the storys from the survivors there is almost only unkown names om places and indianvillage that is long gone.

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Hundred year old butter has been found in Antarktic

Researchers have found two parcels of butter that belonged to the brittish explorer Robert Scott, he was the commander of a expedition to the Southpole 1910-1912, The butter was discoverd in a stable close to Scotts cabin.

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The polarscientist dissaperd during the rescue operation

The norwegian polarsicencer Roald Amundsen made many famous expeditions. In December of 1911 he become the first to reach the south pole, one month before the brittish Robert Scott. During the spring of 1928 an expedition by air failed in Artica it was ledd by Italin Umberto Nobile. Amundsen then left in a airplane in a efftort to rescue the crew. Nobile and parts of his crew where found on the ice and was picked up by a russian ship. Amundsen, on the other hand, vanished whitout a trace.

Over eighty years later a norweigan expedition is beeing prepared to trying to locate the wreck of Admundsens airplane and solve the question of his dissaperance, it its thought to go out from Tromsö in the end of August 2009

More info : Search for Admunsen

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