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The Evolution of Ultimate Fighting

Greatest battling is actually combined style which allows a number of battling abilities as well as methods. Additionally, it enables a combination of fight activity to become used within the battling. This kind of artwork is becoming typical within Asia, that is considered it’s source.

This particular artwork could be tracked to numerous combined design competitions which happened all through Asia, European countries throughout the nineties. The machine of the artwork included mixture of a variety of designs for instance jujitsu a method through South america however at first it had been a method through Asia. This particular consequently indicates they have altered this through that one nation. Greatest battling grew to become common whenever individuals began displaying curiosity about this artwork. This really is whenever greatest battling competitors premiered because it experienced acquired a great group of followers around the globe. This offered individuals the system for individuals through various ethnicities in order to contend. Greatest battling demands lots of power because it offers comparable elements because individuals utilized in fumbling. Prior to getting a good greatest mma fighter, you ought to have sufficient understanding of the overall game. This requires takedowns; choke retains as well as distribution designs which provides you with a benefit more than your own challenger. Additionally, it demands lots of persistence as well as determination because it’s very exhausting and lots of power can be used upward. Consequently you ought to end up being in good physical shape and possess great strategies that could assist in beating the actual challenger. The very first greatest battling competitors occured within earlier nineties also it experienced not many guidelines. It had been being an purpose associated with discovering the very best fighting techinques with regard to actual fight circumstances as well as rivals had been pitied towards along with minimum guidelines. Because of the damage this triggered, many people did not notice critically like a activity and that’s once the guidelines as well as limitations had been put in spot to boost the security with regard to rivals. This really is once the activity began obtaining a good path as well as marketed popular popularity like a activity. These days the guidelines associated with greatest battling permit using grappling as well as impressive methods whenever each fighters tend to be possibly position or even laying on the floor. It’s recognized the very best style inside a actual battle without having a lot damage triggered towards the rivals. Greatest battling has distribute around the globe and it has observed main competitions kept worldwide along with stricter guidelines improved. This kind of artwork has additionally already been showcased within films and also the the majority of prosperous is actually through Bruce Shelter that has shipped great strategies associated with fighting techinques.

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megaupload closed by FBI

The filesharing site megaupload has been taken down by the US Goverment in the fight against piracy. Acordning to authorities megaupload generated about $ 175 million (about 1,18 billion euro) in sales.

So far seven people and two companies is accused of committing crimes against multiple points of fraud, copyright infringement and money launderging. The two companies is Megaupload Limited and North Limited which did run the site megaupload whit servers in U.S, Canda and the Netherlands.

According to the U.S. authorities have the league behind the website suspended $ 175 million on ads and memberships. Members have been able to use the website to share among other copyrighted material.

The damage to the copyright holders have been valued at $ 500 million,the materials found on the website were movies, TV shows, music, ebooks and software.

– This case is one of the largest to the law against pirates ever in the U.S., says the U.S. Justice Department said in a statement.

Of the seven suspects arrested four in New Zealand, the other three who lives in Estonia, Germany and Slovakia are still at large and has been arrested in his absence.

The raid succeeded FBI also seize parts of the league’s assets with a value of $ 50 million. Total issued 20 search warrants in the U.S. and elsewhere.

A U.S. court has decided that a total of 18 domain names belonging to the league’s businesses will be seized. Megaupload is according to the U.S. authorities have 50 million visitors a day and accounted for four percent of all traffic on the Internet.

sources : Washington post
Associated Press
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Megaupload indictment

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Does Ryanair use good marketing?

Well, what if it really only makes use of clever marketing, ever be in vogue among the people, or is it just nonsense that we hear about them?
what do you think? Is every publicity good publicity?

Ryanair cast nine blind persons from the flight
Ryanair passengers did mutiny
Ryanair in fight whit a 12 year old over a violin
Ryanair in trouble not allowed to land on Skavsta
Ryanair dosen´t like complaints on their food

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Topchef found dead in freezer

The former french topchef Jean-Francois Poinard was found dead in his freez during tuesday.
His 51 year old partner has confessed that she caused his death in November 2008. Acording to sources it was a ”fight that gone bad” and that the woman gave the man a fatal hit.

She has a speciall personality whit sick element, narcissistisk, dominant and violent.

Says prosecutor Marc Desert

The history becomes more odd and sick when its also revealed that the partner preserved the body in the bathtube a couple of days before she bought a freez big enough to store his body.

The secret lasted for almost two years, before the womans daughter started to suspect that something wasn´t right since she haden´t seen her mothers partner in nearly two years.

Poinard was a topchef in Lyon during the 70s and 80:s, in 2001 he moved in whit the 51 one year old woman that now is in custody for murder, the cause of death is still under investigation.

More Info:

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Cleopatra toke her life

30 November 30 B.C, in the Egyptian city of Alexandria lives Queen Kleopatra, her husband Marcus Anonius has lost the fight for the power over the roman empire and comitted suicide. Kleopatra is fearing that she will be executed or keept in prison, so she decides to comitt suicide. Acording to the legend she let a snake bit her.

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The fight about the tree stil goes on

When a new roundabout where about to be build in the Polish city of Jaslo policital discussions has been rising about a oak tree, which was planted by the german ocupants to celebrate the german dictators birtyday in 1942, it was brought from the german dictators austrian city of birth Braunau am Inn.

”-Almost the entire of Jaslo was destroyed by the germans in 1944, We don´t need a nazisymbol in the center of town says Maria Kurovska the mayor of the city.
Other Jaslo inhabitans is on the other hand claming that the tree is innocent and should be allowed to live freely.

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Who cut of Van Goghs ear?

Two german historians belives they have found proof that the famous artist Paul Gaugin, cut the ear of Vincent Van Gogh.
So far the version has been that Van Gogh cut his ear of whit a razor after one of his breakdowns.

Acording to Hans Kaufmann and Rita Wildegan that has been researching in the case of Van Gogh during ten years, the two artists was figting when Gaugin wanted to leave their studio in France.
After the mutilation they agreed to hide the truth about the fight.

Van Gogh wrote in a letter to Gaugin shortly after the incident:
”I am not telling a living soul about it, and so will you”.

Beskriv en singelkompis och bli en matchmaker!

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