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King of Herring found outside Swedens coast

An 11-foot ”giant herring” was found dead off Sweden´s western coast, the spicie is rarley seen and is the world´s longest bony fish.

It may be from this spiecies that stories of mythological sea creatures, such as the Loch Ness monster could have sprung.
The dead fish had a deep cut through its body and was missing its beautiful, typical back fin.

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Fishing Charters

Do you like going on charters and like to fish? Why not combine those two intrests to one, Virginia Beach fishing charter is a good place to do this. They have a very good personel that does everything to help you get a good catch on the hook. The area of Chespeake Bay is a very good area for fishing and recreation for the entire family. Through December to March they do Virgina Beach Fishing seven days a week from Inlet Station Marina and from April to December from Queen Anne Marina on Kent Island. This is a great oportunity to make your dream come through, a great charter whit alot of fishing.

The crew of Virgina Beach Fishing is using the latest technology to help you beeing safe at sea and to find where the fishes will be whit GPS and radar, which also is safety to spot thunderstorms and bad weather but also to help to navigate during the night. So you will be in good and thrustfull hands.

Do you don´t know what to give for christmas present or birthday present, why not give a fishing charter as a present?

Maybe you even would catch the big fishes?

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