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Topchef found dead in freezer

The former french topchef Jean-Francois Poinard was found dead in his freez during tuesday.
His 51 year old partner has confessed that she caused his death in November 2008. Acording to sources it was a ”fight that gone bad” and that the woman gave the man a fatal hit.

She has a speciall personality whit sick element, narcissistisk, dominant and violent.

Says prosecutor Marc Desert

The history becomes more odd and sick when its also revealed that the partner preserved the body in the bathtube a couple of days before she bought a freez big enough to store his body.

The secret lasted for almost two years, before the womans daughter started to suspect that something wasn´t right since she haden´t seen her mothers partner in nearly two years.

Poinard was a topchef in Lyon during the 70s and 80:s, in 2001 he moved in whit the 51 one year old woman that now is in custody for murder, the cause of death is still under investigation.

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