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Update your iPhone 3G to a 4.0

Iphones new operating system iOS4 is here. Can be downloaded on the iPhone 3G.

In Sweden there are about half a million iPhone users. For those with the latter model 3G and 3G is now awaiting a common task: to download iOS4. Last night was released namely the update to the iPhone operating system.

The update is done by plugging the iPhone into your computer via USB and turn on iTunes. To update to work you must have a model 3G or 3G and the latest iTunes download. Then you simply push update in iTunes on your computer. About 20 minutes later, the iPhone is updated.

There are two new features that make the update worthwhile; multitasking and folders.

Anyone who has a lot of apps know it can be difficult to navigate. Now you can organize themselves by, for example, have all the games in a folder. A folder can contain up to 12 apps.

The update also means that those who have 3G can be running multiple applications at once, so-called multitasking. But it requires the app provider update their apps to 4.0

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New Thinking – Goverments wants to disable mobilephones in cars

The Department of Transportaion wants to be allowed to disable cellphones when inside a car, in a effort to reduce the big number of distracted driving deaths.

It´s about 5,500 people that dies from distractions from the cellphones every year, and about half a million injured, according to the Secretary of Transportation.

Today there is no laws that bans talking or using the cellphone in any way when driving. DoT wants to add technology to the cars that would disable cellphones.

I think the technology is there, and i think you´re going to see the thechnology become adaptable in automobiles to disable these cellphones”

says Raymond LaHood Secretary of Transportation.
During his speech he said that around 5,500 people died and that about a half milion were injured, and that was a low estimate according to scientists as Paul Atchley at the University of Kansas who has studied the case.

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